Archives for the Month: April 2013

clip_alumniThe greatest measure of the success of any tertiary institution is the success of its alumni, and in Benson Idahosa University, ours scores high. With over 10,000 Members in our alumni network, we can boast of graduates in all aspects of global industrialization.

  • At present, we have over alumni all over the globe a network that expands steadily with each graduating class.
  •     BIU graduates are leaders in an exceptionally broad range of organizations, including entrepreneurial companies, established corporations, government, NGOs etc, thanks to our Leadership and mentoring program- Student Leadership Programme
  • The alumni Association supports and encourages current students with mentoring programmes and awards to outstanding performances in academic and research.



A major breakthrough in the treatment of cancer, diabetes and prostate enlargement may have been discovered following announcement of a new drug for the treatment of the ailments by the Ag. Vice Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Professor Ernest B. Izevbigie.

He made the announcement at a press briefing organized by the University to announce the discovery, adding that the medicines, which are nature-based, have little or no toxicity, as is usually found in such drugs. Prof. Izevbigie who announced the breakthrough, stated that the medicines which were made from the bitter leaf (vernonia amygdalina), have been certified by the National Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), and have been internationally accepted, as the National Academy of Inventors (NIA) have endorsed it. Read More