Office of The President


Bishop F.E. Benson Idahosa II

Benson Idahosa University from the onset has been dedicated to the nurturing of young people from almost every state in the nation and at least 7(seven) other countries to be the change agents our country Nigeria and our world at large needs. We are raising a generation of leaders who will bring a new standard of hard work, integrity, and competence into politics, entrepreneurship, academics, and all other professional fields.

Benson Idahosa University encourages young people to study the subjects that drive or inspire them amongst our defined academic disciplines, and interactively, faculty and students work together in an indisputably multidisciplinary atmosphere.   Our students from our undergraduate and postgraduate schools are therefore empowered by their education to become leaders in practically every venture because we teach them to be distinct and influential in their fields.  We help them see their fields of study as a channel to reach out to the world and we encourage them to make things better, change the status quo, and make a difference.  That’s why we can say we have leadership focused learning that will change Nigeria, and eventually, the world.

Transforming the minds of young people see themselves as change agents is not easy, but we have a great team of people at BIU who play their key roles in ensuring that we are indeed raising leaders who are complete in spirit, mind, and body.

Our present campus is situated in Government Residential Area of Benin City where we have created a peaceful environment for our personnel and students. Our permanent site is located along the Sapele-Benin axis and is currently being developed to be an exceptional world class edifice worth the standard and pace Benson Idahosa University always sets.  Plans for the campus, to be known as University Village, will soon be posted on this website.

We encourage you to come join the train of excellent staff and students who are working towards one goal–Changing Nigeria, one student at a time.