Why Study at BIU


Students enjoy a crisis- free campus environment, where they can peacefully achieve their academic pursuits. There are no cults or strikes on campus.

Our student’s leadership programme i.e. the resident advisors, student chaplains, and more offer students leadership roles that help them develop their leadership and communication skills to succeed long after they graduate.

We have very conducive hostel accommodations, sporting facilities and sizeable lecture halls that conveniently accommodate all students.

Every student is exposed to trainings from some of the most renowned leadership institutes and knowledgeable men and women of great achievements. By this they are inspired and their perspective broadened on spiritual growth in Christ, leadership, wealth, creation, politics, entertainment and more.

Every student is given equal opportunity to gain invaluable practical experience through special programmes, tasks, entrepreneurship attachments and internships with top-notch companies in their fields of interest to get them equipped for life after school.

Students have opportunities to earn scholarships through diligent application in their academics, leadership responsibilities and extracurricular activities.

All students, irrespective of course of study, receive training in enterpreneurship, administration, management, personal branding, proposal development, resume writing and communication, negotiation, and project management.

A Legacy of Pace Setting

BIU has consistently been ranked among the top three private universities in Nigeria by the national universities commission (NUC) since 2005.

Our professors are among the best in Nigeria. We have renowned scholars educating our students. Our professors and academics have come from great universities within and outside Nigeria (us and Europe) to teach courses because they believe in our purpose which is to change Nigeria.

We are Nigeria first university with a professional dress code for staff and students.

We are Nigeria first university to have a work study programme that allows students to study and put in some hours of their week into working to earn some money.

We have partnership programmes with oral Roberts University and the University of Delaware, both in the United States. These partnerships allow us to exchange students and staff from time to time for exposure.

Technology Driven

  • We pioneered Nigeria’s first online internet access program for staff and students.
  • We have functional WLAN and LAN internet access for all offices, classrooms and students hall of residence
  • We are the first private university to operate a biometric system which monitors the access of staff and students to campus, chapel and hostel.

A strong balance between academic and practical work

  • Computer science students regularly develop software used by the university and local businesses
  • Mass communication students produce a quarterly newspaper; the BIU herald
  • The university’s enterpreneurship programmme trains students to run their own businesses while still in school.

BIU students have the opportunity to travel to Europe and North America every summer to participate in learning programs that enhance the practical aspects of their academic work. Many of the courses they take count toward advanced credit for different masters degree programs. Previous classes have participated and excelled in the summer institute programme at the University of Vienna, Austria, the euro-Mediterranean institute on international law, Spain; the university of sussex, uk; and other programs in Holland, Germany and France.

An Impressive Record in Sports

  • Our students have consistently been placed first overall in all editions of the Nigerian private universities game (NPUGA)
  • We are amongst the top three in the medals table at the Nigerian university games(NUGA)
  • We are the first private university to win medals at the West African games (WAUG)

We are also the first private university to chart a leadership path for young Nigerians, providing an extraordinary academic experience to enable them maximize their inherent potentials.

Our students have received both local and international recognition for various inventions and achievements.