Academic Affairs Unit


The Academic Affairs Unit is a very important arm of the Registry Department. The Unit takes care of all academic matters which are the very essence of the University. The Unit is headed by a Deputy Registrar, who is responsible to the Registrar on day to day activities of the Unit. The Unit is made up of the Senate, and Senate matters, Examinations and Records Unit. Senate is the highest academic body of the University and it is responsible for decisions on all academic matters in the system. Because of the enormity of its business, Senate operates through an array of Committees such as the Committee of Principal Officers, Deans and Directors, Business Committee of Senate and Academic and Physical Planning Committee, among others. Senate is responsible for policies guiding the admission and graduation of students in the University.

The Academic Affairs Unit has responsibilities as follows:-

  1.  Servicing Senate and Senate Committees
  2. Responsible for Undergraduate Admissions
  3. Responsible for University Examinations and Awards of Certificates.
  4. Responsible for Students Records
  5. Servicing University ceremonies-Matriculation, University lectures, Inaugural Lectures and Convocation for the award of degrees
  6. Responsible for the co-ordination of the administrative /academic activities of the Faculty Officers on behalf of the Registrar through the Deans. The Deans however exercise general superintendence over the academic and administrative affairs of the Faculties and the Departments.

The Examination and Records unit of any University is the powerhouse of the entire system, thus the need to ensure its full automation. It is the store house for the students’ records. It is important to note that the Examinations and Records Unit is aiming at full automation, transcripts are sent online and student’s statistics are kept in the data base and in electronic format.

It is generally believed that recorded information is a critical component of any organization. It is therefore absolutely necessary that the production, storage, management, retrieval and access to recorded information in Registry department be made as effective as possible so as to achieve the general aim of being convenient, secure, and confidential and at the same time produce quick access to recorded information when needed