Academic Planning

You are warmly welcome to the web page of the Academic Planning Unit of Benson Idahosa University. This platform x-rays the functional relationship that exists between this monitoring and regulatory segment and other arms of the university system. The reason for the dynamic and strategic meeting point quality is not far to seek. The operators of the Academic Planning Unit have a deep understanding of the university management machinery, the structure of the university, its aims and objectives, its norms, and indeed, its statutes. The APU is at home with the policies and decisions taken from time to time by relevant university and government organs. We appreciate your interest in our information bank.

It is instructive to note that the establishment of the Academic Planning Units in Nigerian universities is in response to the need to coordinate and streamline the academic policies and activities arising from sudden growth, development and proliferation of programmes and units in the university system. The Unit therefore becomes handy in the collection and management of data and information to guide the academic development of universities while ensuring compliance with NUC’s Benchmark Minimum Academic Standards (BMAS) and with the university senate’s academic regulations.

The Academic Planning Unit is an integral part of the Vice Chancellor’s office and headed by a Director. The Academic Planning Unit of Benson Idahosa University is currently coordinated by an Ag. Director, Dr. Mark Osama Ighile. The Director of Academic Planning Unit is complimented by other staff members. These include two Administrative Officers and a Secretary.

The Function of the Academic Planning Unit includes:

  1. Ensuring the most prudent arrangement and operation which guarantee the achievement of high quality in the academic programming of the university.
  2. Promotion of the quality of teaching, learning and research in the university through periodic evaluation of academic activities in the University.
  3. Coordination of accreditation and re-accreditation of academic programmes and ensuring adherence to NUC Minimum Academic Standard (Quality Assurance).
  4. Appraisal and processing of requests for affiliation from other tertiary institutions.
  5. Enrolment Projection and Assessment needs as basis for resource allocation in the University.
  6. Annual updating, analysis and interpretation of data for the planning, preparation of the University budget and subsequent resource allocation within the ambit of the approved budget.
  7. Analyzing and monitoring of resource allocation and utilization within the University
  8. Searching/Soliciting for Fellowships, Scholarships, Technical Assistance, External Aids etc for staff to enhance teaching, research and development
  9. Determination of adequate staff strength and requirement to guide against any possible excess staffing and its attendant results
  10. Sourcing for linkages and collaborations with other Universities/Institutions/Organizations in order to exchange collegiality across the globe
  11. Preparation of Strategic Plan and ensuring University’s compliance with the provisions of the plan in its implementation
  12. Preparation, implementation and general review of Academic Brief
  13. Continuous evaluation of academic programmes, rationalization of courses, merging/splitting of departments/units
  14. Participating in University curricular revision and ensuring that University complies with procedures and guidelines on new programme development
  15. Analyzing utilization of allocated resources to various aspects of University operation such as academic and material resources (laboratories, classes, offices and other facilities)
  16. Preparation, computerization and publication of data on students’ admission and enrolment projections.
  17. Formation of a computerized data-base for teaching and research equipment
  18. Computerization and dissemination of data required as input for planning purposes
  19. Monitoring of efficient and effective utilization of academic resources;
  20. Participation in the review of academic programme curricular of the University and evaluation of proposal for new academic programmes;
  21. Generation and periodic updating of the University databank/statistics on academic and other matters and make necessary projections for the attention of the Vice-Chancellor;
  22. Participation in the preparation of the University Annual Budget;
  23. Maintaining a computer based data bank on student and staff statistics for use in planning, budgeting and other management requirements
  24. Carrying out other duties assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.