University Board of Regents


The Benson Idahosa University Board of Regents is a body of carefully selected highly esteemed individuals of Christian orientation to whom the Chancellor has committed the oversight functions of the University in the following areas:

  1. Advocacy relationships between Government and Benson Idahosa University.
  2. Financial Development of Benson Idahosa University including fund raising; involvement at the capital and stock markets; Government bond markets; the University’s involvement with the private and public enterprises; and other economic transactions with the general public. The Board shall ensure adequate financial provisions for the University.
  3. Advocacy relationship with the Church, working for unity between the Church and the University, and striving to eliminate egocentric tendencies which had encouraged polarization between Church and University in the past, thus achieving the dream of the founder, and his endeavours in this regard. The Board shall harness the power and authority of the Church to run the University.

The Chairman of the Benson Idahosa University Board of Regents is the Chancellor of the University, Archbishop (Dr.) Mrs. Margaret Benson-Idahosa, OON; the Vice Chairman is Rev. Professor V. I. Iyawe and the Secretary/Coordinator is Rev. M. J. Okagbare.