July 15, 2016

BIU FARMS HARVEST 3 TRUCK LOADS OF WATER MELON3The Faculty of Agriculture and Agricultural Technology has begun making real its boast when it harvested a huge truck load of water melon and cucumber.

The huge harvest came few weeks after the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ernest Izevbigie announced that the Faculty was set to produce 800,000 tonnes of tomatoes to ameliorate the present food crisis in the country.

Expressing his satisfaction, the Vice Chancellor, commended the faculty for the harvest, while noting that the harvest goes a long way to show that the University is indeed poised to drive the production of large scale agricultural production in the country. He therefore urged the members of the staff of the faculty to keep up the good work.


BIU FARMS HARVEST 3 TRUCK LOADS OF WATER MELON2On their part, the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. W.A. Molindo, and the Farm Manager, Mr. Godfry Igbenikaro, both said that the harvest which was the first of its kind in the Institution was grown organically.