October 14, 2016

Life Success Centre (LSC) under the aegis of Benson Idahosa University recently held a tweet conference to acquaint its alumni and final year students with the principles of life success.

The Conference tagged “Ten successful things people do by age 30” took place over the weekend and had the President of Benson Idahosa University, Bishop Faith Emmanuel Benson Idahosa as the tweet host.

During the tweet session he told them that successful people begin each day by not just waking up, but ensuring that they wake up their dreams and visions daily.

The lead discussant, also added that whether you are 20, 30, or 50 years of age, the principles of success remains the same.

“The most successful leaders are probably those who failed the most times on their way to where they are today” he said

He further advised the youths to keep learning as the day they stop learning is the day they start dying adding that all successful people have failed at least once, and they failed early , failure did not kill them, it grew them

The tweet session with the hash tag #Lscinspires# made 341,588 impressions with 36,543 twitter accounts reached through the over one hundred tweets and retweets made.