BIU Opens new Infirmary

June 4, 2015


In response to the health needs and wellbeing of our students, Management of Benson Idahosa University has re-opened a new Infirmary, operating as an annex of Faith Mediplex Hospital. The new clinic has since been providing health care services to the students.

In an interview with the Ag. Medical Director of Faith Mediplex, Dr.  Raymond Obidigbo said, the hospital is poised towards providing quality medical service to the students, noting that at the moment, there are three Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacist, Laboratory scientist as well as a standby ambulance assigned to the clinic. According to him, the clinic will operate as a primary health care center while secondary and specialist care will be referred to the main hospital.

Speaking on how the hospital hopes to manage student’s cases, Dr. Obidigbo says, his team of doctors and nurses are well trained in such areas, adding that students in the university community are a peculiar group of people who require a lot of patience and negotiation in handling their cases. He however said that today’s youth will rather rely on what is said on social media or get advice from their friends than rely on what the doctor is saying. Speaking further the Ag. Medical Director said some students are unwilling to disclose to the doctor the true state of their health. This he said makes it difficult for the doctor to do his work effectively


Continuing Dr. Obidigbo said, while they are glad to work as health care provider for Benson Idahosa University, they hope to speak to the university management on the need to include health care awareness programme in the school’s curriculum, adding that the new hospital management will also take advantage of the school’s Friday chapel services to speak to the students on the importance of primary health care, to enable the students manage some simple health situations. He however said that though expectations are high, they promise to meet the needs of the student at individual levels.