The Leadership 300(L300) Project


What is the Leadership 300?

Every year, we recruit 300 of Nigeria’s brightest young people to be part of our freshman class and to participate in our Leadership Path program. Over the course of four years, these students will be immersed into a challenging academic program that exposes them to some of the greatest scholars in Nigeria, North America, and Europe. At the same time, they will be given leadership training that will prepare them to be catalyst for change. The students in the Leadership Path program are known as the Leadership 300.

This Leadership path will be a platform for these specially selected students to get a Christ-centred education and be engaged in the specialized program that will help nurture and release their innate talents, develop their leadership skills, and prepare them to be catalyst for change.

The result will be an annual release of 300 exceptional leaders ready to take over various fields as change agents with the mentality to “change Nigeria” for the better.


In the last 10 years, Nigeria has faced challenging times and is currently in need of national transformation in almost every area from the economy to governance; however, large-scale national transformation can only be initiated by transformed leaders with a godly pedigree and a passion to succeed in effecting that change. These are the kinds of leaders that Benson Idahosa University is raising- Leaders who can make the nation a true giant of Africa. They will make Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large a better place, but their desire for change is only the first step, the next and right step is to get on a leadership path that will lead to where we want to go.

Preparation for Global Leadership

The leadership path is a special program that has been designed by our academic staff and leadership facilitators. The ultimate goal is to put each student on a path that will position him or her in a place of leadership after Benson Idahosa University; all of our courses (ranging from business, to science, to entrepreneurship) are designed with a leadership focus.

The academic component of the path will work hand in hand with the student’s course of study in order to broaden his/her perspective in approaching his/her field of study.

The leadership component of the path also allows our students to enjoy the benefits of our collaboration with renowned leadership institutes and organisation such as the Poise Nigeria, Daystar Leadership Academy, the International Leadership Resource Institute, the United Nations, the World Bank, and the Nigerian National Assembly. Leadership 300 students will also enjoy direct access to seminars, chapels, lectures, and training classes given by thought leaders and role models in various disciplines.


Forty (40) out of our three hundred (300) candidates will be placed on scholarships, twenty(20) of  which will be awarded to qualifying youths from the Niger Delta courtesy of our Chancellor’s PROJECT CHANGE Award of Niger Delta indigenes.

The L300 0ffer

The Leadership path will be an inspiring and novel academic experience for the L300 recruits. It will include:

  • Opportunities to take up leadership roles that will help develop skills and strategizing capabilities needed for future success.
  • Tutelage from thought leaders and great achievers who will expose students to opportunities that can be maximized in our country and beyond.
  • Special training (courtesy our collaboration with poise Nigeria) on speaking and presentation, skills, elocution, personality projection, etiquette, initiative and emotional intelligence enables each student portray a high level of professionalism in whatever he/she do.
  • Insightful teachings to broaden perspectives on everything from entrepreneurial skills to politics, entertainment, and creative arts.
  • Motivation, coaching, development, and access to role models.
  • Special career advisors who will attend to the thriving interest of these students, creating a link between them and the networking and materials necessary to confidently release them to the world.
  • Hands-on experience in the “real world” through special programmes, tasks, school sponsored trips and more.
  • Opportunities to qualify for scholarship upon entrance to the University and after their first year of study.
  • Training in entrepreneurship administration, management, personal branding, proposal development, resume writing and communication, negotiation and project management and many, many more.

We are looking for students who possess leadership potential, specialized skills, talents, and a passion to change Nigeria.