Spiritual Life Division


The Spiritual life division is an arm of the University Campus Life Division. Its primary function is to promote an enabling Christian/Spiritual environment based on the word of God and faith. An environment which will encourage our staff and students to serve Christ as Lord.

This department is headed by the University Chaplain, Rev. Chinedu Chinweokwu, pastor of Church of God Mission, Grace Centre in Benin City.

Our job is to create the needed spiritual family environment where:

  1. Every student can have a sense of belonging.
  2. Members of the BIU community can depend on to meet their spiritual needs.
  3. We can grow and become great vessels of power for national and international change.
  4. Where the vision and mission of this great university can be accomplished.
  5. It is an avenue through which the Christian legacy of Benson Idahosa University can remain untarnished and undiminished.

The Spiritual Life Division is the “Spiritual Power house” of the University: it is the Chaplaincy of the university; it houses the

  1. University Chaplain/Coordinator Spiritual Life.
  2. Coordinator Spiritual Life.
  3. Spiritual Life Student Director (male).
  4. Spiritual Life Student Director (female).
  5. Six Head Chaplains (HC) male, one for each male hostel.
  6. Six Head Chaplains (HC) female, one for each female Hostel.
  7. Student Chaplains (approximately 120).
  8. Praise team (approximately 30).



“To develop each student to be spiritually sensitive, strong, whole and complete leader who will use his gifts and talents to further the kingdom of God”.

This program also provides opportunity for student with talents and skills to use their gifting in promoting the gospel of Christ.



Student Chaplaincy Program is directly under the office of the University Chaplain and also part of the Student Leadership Program, housed under the Campus Life Division. Chaplains are student leaders who are channels for the release of God’s ability over BIU, her staff and students. Visitors to this citadel of learning as well as our immediate community. We inspire to promote an environment where the Love of Jesus will be expressed.



  1. They are Leaders.
  2. They are Disciples of Christ.
  3. They are motivators.
  4. They are counselors.
  5. They are lovers of Jesus and People.
  6. They lead the change.
  7. They are Visionary.
  8. They are teachers.
  9. They are exemplary students with excellent grades.



  1. Attend Sunday leadership meetings also knowns as Ministers in Training (MIT).
  2. Attend Weekly Hostel Chaplaincy meeting (one hour).
  3. Coordinate Campus wide Prayer band meeting for students.
  4. Assist the University Chaplain in Coordinating Friday Chapel Services.
  5. Coordinate Daily Devotions for students.
  6. Special request from Campus Life to attend special meetings or conferences
  7. Coordinate Cell meetings for students.
  8. Give spiritual counsel to students.
  9. Coordinating and active involvement in school fellowship activities (CFI).
  10. Enforce Spiritual Life Culture on campus.



There are three major activities that the student chaplain takes part in and are responsible for:

  1. Friday Chapel Service (for staff and students).
  2. Tuesday Christian Fellowship International Service (CFI).
  3. Cell Meetings for students.



This is an avenue where the entire BIU community (both staff and students) come to fellowship together as a Family of God. The service is divided into two part

  1. Revelation Service-12pm – 1pm
  2. Victory Service-1:15pm – 2:15pm
  3. The Agric Chapel (Thursday 12pm – 1pm Okha Campus)

Each Service is to last for one hour and the venue is the Peniel Chapel Hall. Attendance for all Student and staff is compulsory. Staff and students attend one of the service based on what faculty or department they are in.



Christian Fellowship International (CFI) is the one and only Campus fellowship in Benson Idahosa University. It was birthed by His Grace, Archbishop Benson Idahosa at the University of Benin in year 1990.

As a student of Benson Idahosa University, CFI is a requirement for all. Through this fellowship we groom the love of God in the Life of our Students.

The Spiritual Life Student Director (SLSD Male) is the President of the fellowship while Spiritual Life Student Director (SLSD Female) is the Vice President and we have Head Chaplain who are the Associate Pastors, Praise Team, Chaplains and Unit heads. These offices are referred to as the CEC (Central Executive Committee) and GEC (General Executive Committee) officers of the fellowship.

In CFI we believe everybody has a gift or talent that can be used to preach the gospel. We encourage all students to be part of one or two unit in CFI. Some of our CFI units are:

  1. WINGS (Dance group).
  2. House of Theatre (Drama group).
  3. Choir.
  4. Evangelism.
  5. Prayer Band.
  6. Ushering.
  7. Media.
  8. Studio 10 press (Publications /interviews and press).
  9. Special Ministry (Any Talent you have to offer) and many others.

CFI service holds every Tuesday by 5pm -6:30pm at the University Peniel Chapel. Attendance is compulsory for all students. We host wonderful power packed programs both internally and externally. These programs are spiritually inclined to make your life a huge success. We organize programs that edifies the Spirit, Body and Soul: They include:

  1. JAM Summit (Jesus And Me Summit). Held at different Universities each year
  2. All Believes Conference
  3. Glory Conference
  4. Sisters Week
  5. Brothers Week etc.



This is a vital responsibility of a Chaplain. The Cell system consist of various cell groups; where students gather in small groups of 40-50 persons, teaching and studying Gods word. All Students are mandated to join and attend a cell group because this is one of our BIU culture of grooming Gods love among ourselves. This meetings have no time interference with student’s academics, as it has being properly scheduled.

The various Cell groups and their meeting days are:

  1. Cedar – Sundays – 4 – 5pm
  2. Agape – Mondays – 6 – 7pm
  3. Shabach – Mondays – 7 – 8pm
  4. Shekinah – Tuesdays – 8 – 9am
  5. Macadamia – Wednesday – 6 – 7pm
  6. Rehoboth – Wednesday – 7 – 8pm