Student Leadership


The Student Leadership Unit runs a well-developed program which provides opportunities for students’ active participation and involvement in our student leadership programs thereby enhancing their academic, spiritual and physical growth; and development for greater social responsibility.

The SLU is geared towards providing adequate, professional and exemplary leadership programs for our student body.

Student Leadership Program

BIU has a developed program under the Campus Life Division called the “STUDENT LEADERSHIP PROGRAM”. It is our belief that students selected in this unit would be the face of Nigerian leadership in the future, thus a lot of effort goes into seeing that they are well grounded academically, spiritually and physically.

There are mainly two (2) main areas under the Students Leadership Program (SLP).

  1. The Resident Advisor Program
  2. Student Chaplaincy Program.

The University abides by these criteria in admitting students into the SLP

  1. A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0
  2. An impeccable moral reputation amongst colleagues and Lecturers
  3. Possesses leadership qualities
  4. Being Born-again.
  5. An approval from the interview committee.

Resident Advisor Program

The Resident Advisor Program (RAP), under the supervision of the Resident Advisor Coordinator,  in the office of the Coordinator, Student Leadership is aimed at developing leaders who would disseminate political  authority and join in the divine mandate of raising citizens and a strong patriotic work force for our dear country and the world, thereby raising leaders who would make vital decisions for global sufficed organizations like the Federal Executive Council, The African Union and even the United Nations.

With the following responsibilities:

A.) Administration

  1. Monitor the halls of residence by holding nightly room checks at 11pm.
  2. Collaborate with the University management in the maintenance of law and order within the University campus.
  3. Uphold and enforce the Student’s Code of Conduct by reporting defaulters to the campus Life Division.
  4. Foster a clean and godly environment in the halls of residence by being an example of integrity to the students under his/her care.
  5. Assist in the opening and closing of residence halls. Check in and checkout residents at the beginning and the end of each semester and academic year.
  6. Inform all residents of rules, regulations, and policies, in the Student Hand book.
  7. Ensure that all residents comply with stated policies. Actively encourage the maintenance of community standards through the means available.
  8. Fulfill administrative requirements promptly and efficiently, such as weekly office responsibility and completing forms such as (Incident Reports, floor report forms, maintenance and Damage Reports, etc.).
  9. Build positive relationships with porters and Maintenance staff, and maintain regular communication about relevant community concerns.
  10. Cooperate with other Resident Advisors, HRA and RASD in resolving area problems.
  11. Booking Student who violates Student Code of Conduct.
  12. Functioning in committees assigned to.
  13. Help organize hall meetings.


B.) Community Development

  1. Spend an adequate amount of time in the hostel to deal with group and individual student concerns.
  2. Orient first-year students to University life. Ease adjustment to the University.
  3. Explain to the residents the functions and roles of the Resident Advisor and HRA.
  4. Serve as a positive role model for all residents by following and supporting the Standards of Student Code of Conduct, Campus Life Registration procedures, and the Hostel Terms and Conditions.
  5. Encourage residents to practice self-discipline, self-government, and a respect for individual rights and community standards.
  6. Develop an atmosphere where academics can be focused upon in the residence halls.
  7. Develop an atmosphere where each resident feels comfortable asserting his or her own rights.
  8. Recognize the talents and interests of students.
  9. Maintain up-to-date postings, email list servers and forward pertinent information to residents in a timely manner
  10. Provide weekly reports throughout the semester to address violations of policy and assist with crisis management, incident report and disciplinary cases.
  11. Treat residents fairly and impartially.


C.) Program Development

  1. Display an enthusiastic attitude towards Coordinator Resident Advisor program goals, ideals, and obligations.
  2. Attend and participate in all RA Orientation programs.
  3. Attend and participate in training sessions and Coordinator Resident Advisor program activities.
  4. Stress the importance of self-governance and support the RASD after they have been appointed.
  5. Participate fully in assigned Staff-wide responsibilities, such as functioning as a member of one of the Resident Advisor Committees, as well as participation in office weekly routines.
  6. Attend weekly morning devotions within the hours of 7:45am and 8:45 am on Tuesday, RAs bi-monthly meeting, hostel meetings facilitated by HRA, to discuss building-wide concerns and programs


D.) Counseling and Referral

  1. Act as a concerned, non-judgmental peer advisor, whose goal is to assist residents in resolving concerns or problems.
  2. Respond positively in crisis situations.
  3. Act as a referral for residents, utilizing community and University resources.
  4. Refer all academic problems to the appropriate agent (Faculty Dean, Course Advisor, Campus Life office if necessary, etc.).

We can with every sense of pride beat our chest and declare to the world…”Watch out…world, these are your next set of leaders…”

The administration of the RAP is headed by 15 officers:

  • Resident Advisor Student Director (RASD-Male)
  • Resident Advisor Student Director (RASD-Female)
  • Six Head Resident Advisor (HRA) for each male hostel
  • Six Head Resident Advisor (HRA) for each female hostel
  • General Secretary Council of Resident Advisors

The above Resident Advisors (RAs) supervise the office of the following RAs

  1. RA-Sports
  2. RA- Welfare
  3. RA- Maintenance
  4. RA- Utilities (Water & Electricity)
  5. RA- Special Duties
  6. RA- Programs
  7. RA- Security
  8.    RA-Media and Publicity
  9. RA- Head of Floor Coordinators
  10. RA- Dress Code

These RAs are members of sub RAP Committees…


Other Responsibilities include the following:

  1. Oversee and provide leadership for all student associations, both academic and nonacademic. This includes Faculty, Departmental and cultural groups.
  2. Oversee the student leadership forum