Student Welfare


The Student Welfare Unit is one of the four units of the Campus Life division and is saddled with the key responsibility in providing quality service to our student in:

  1. Hostel Accommodation
  2. Hostel Maintenance
  3. Health Clinic
  4. Cafeteria Services
  5. Off Campus permits

The Office is run under the leadership of the Coordinator, the Assistant Coordinator and the Facility Manager.

  • Hostel Accommodation:

    We provide comfortable and affordable accommodation facilities for our students. The various hostels have prices have the following prices; N50,000, N75,000, N100,000 to N175,000. The hostel facilities have minimum of 3 and maximum of 8 in a room depending on the category the student can afford. The rooms have the basic amenities for student convenience and comfort.

  • Hostel Maintenance:

    In view of maintaining the best quality service that is affordable and comfortable, there is the need for on the spot maintenance of any faulty amenity in the hostel. We know that many circumstances may be unforeseen but any time the need arises for maintenance, there is always a prompt response within 24hours.

  • Health Clinic 

    We ensure that our student’s health care is attended to by the best medical practitioners available in the State. Our Health Clinic is currently run by Faith Mediplex which is an apex medical centre in the state. This enable our student have the best of medical attention, so they can return back to their stable health in no time.

  • Cafeteria Service 

    We are what we eat’. We strive to provide well balanced and affordable meals through our various food vendors on campus who occupy the cafeteria centre and their quality and quantity are regulated by the University. The students have various options and payment plans for their meals to suit their convenience.

  • Off Campus Permit 

    Students who meet the basic requirement such as above 28years of age, married, or have a medical issue that cannot be managed in the hostel, can apply to live off campus and permission is duly approved by the Director, Campus Life Division. Other reasons to stay off campus are not considered as we ensure that all our students are within the University Campus.

  • Other Student Related Affairs

    the Office is also available to assist students with other student related affairs in a bid to continue to provide quality service to the student and help them achieve an excellent experience while on Campus.


Contact Information

Mr. Kingsley O. Ekhator
Coordinator Student Welfare

Mr. Osagie Alex
Assistant Coordinator Student Welfare