International Conference on English Language and Learning

We live now in the age of computer revolution in both teaching and learning. Times have changed and teachers and methods have evolved. Technology is now the key word. In the classroom there are new technologies such as over overhead projectors, interactive whiteboards, laptop computers and wireless internet. The classroom has no walls anymore! Teachers who traditionally were tied to textbooks and blackboards are now computer savvy and adept at using Power-Points. Students are now empowered by the wide world web so much so that learning is possible without the teacher and even the student can now become the teacher! Such is the wonder and power of computer technology.

Theme: Innovations in English Language Teaching and Learning

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Susan Hunston – University of birmingham, united kingdom

Date: October 6th – 9th, 2015

Venue: Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Nigeria

Call for papers


The National Association of teachers and researchers in English as a second language (NATRESL) and Benson Idahosa University invite you to submit abstract for general session papers for the next annual conference.

The conference will feature two workshops, one for primary and secondary teachers on the theme “Ridding English language teaching/learning of Grammatical Common Errors” and the other for language specialists on the theme “using learner corpora in language teaching”. Contributors can write on subthemes not included in the lists above but papers must relate to the overall theme of the conference.

Abstracts are to be submitted via email at as a Microsoft Word attachment and should clearly state research questions/focus, methods, data and (expected) results. The abstracts should contain titles, name of the presenters and their affiliations. They should not exclude 400 words including references.

The deadline for all abstract is 30 August 2015. Notification of acceptance/rejection will be by 15 July.


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