Agricultural Economics(PG.D)

Postgraduate programmes in agricultural economics

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics
  2. Academic Masters Degree i.e. Master of Science (M.Sc. Agricultural Economics)
  3. Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D, Agricultural Economics).

Admission Requirements

Candidates seeking admission to Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics must have any of the following qualifications from recognized institutions:

a)    Matriculation requirement of individual universities including Mathematics and English.

b)   Higher National Diploma in Agriculture or  related discipline with a minimum of Upper Credit from a recognized institution or  Higher Nation Diploma in Agriculture or related discipline with minimum of Lower Credit with 5 years cognate experience or Higher National Diploma in Agriculture or related discipline from a recognized institution with pass with 10 years cognate experience.

c)    Minimum of 3rd class degree in agriculture and related disciplines or a pass degree at Bachelor’s level in Agriculture or the Sciences with five years cognate experience.

d)   Minimum of pass in Higher National Diploma plus ten (10) years cognate

Course Synopses for the Postgraduate Diploma Degree in Agricultural Economics

AEE 711      Introduction to Microeconomics (2 Credit Units)

Nature and scope of economics, Economics models, Economics systems, demand and supply, Price system, the concept of equilibrium, cost concept, consumption theory

AEE 713      Principles of Farm Management (2 Credit Units)

Nature and Scope of farm management, Management functions, Production and production functions, Input-output relationship, product-product relationship, factor-factor relationship, risks and uncertainty.

AEE 714      Farm Records   (2 Credit Units)

Importance of farm records; types of farm record in various agricultural enterprises.

AEX 711      Comparative Extension Systems (2 Credit Units)

Principles and Practices of Agricultural Extension Methods; types of Extension Methods in Agricultural Extension, History, Organization and Administration of Agricultural Extension in Nigeria

AEX 712      Communication and Teaching Methods   in Extension (2 Credit Units)

Effective learning in rural areas; communication and diffusion process and models.

 AEX 713      Rural Development, Theory and Practice (2 Credit Units)

General theory of rural development, growth and development of Nigeria’s extension organization, community development.

AEE 721      Introduction to Macroeconomics (2 Credit Units)

Nature and scope of macroeconomics, National Income, Microeconomic theory, Monetary Theory, Inflation

AEE 722      Statistics for Social Sciences (2 Credit Units)

Nature of Scientific method and their application in social research statistic analysis, presentation of research results, data analysis: descriptive and inferential analysis.

 AGR 723     Computer Applications to Data Management in Agriculture (2 Credit Units)

Introduction to computer programmes relevant to agriculture; use of computer for the preparation of agricultural economics and extension materials.

AEE 724 Special topics or Seminar  (2 Credit Units)

AEE 700 Project (6 Credit Units)

AEX 721 Technology Transfer in Agriculture (2 Credit Units)