May 1, 2016

The Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences (FBAS), focused on, “Scientific Research, the Bed Rock for Societal Development”. This was delivered by Prof Abiodun Falodu, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics, University of Benin, represented by Dr. E. Bafor, a reproductive health/ethno pharmacologist, also of the University of Benin.

In his lecture, Prof. Falodun identified science and research as crucial engines which drive societal development. According to him, scientific research is a powerful determinant of the conditions of modern life, stressing that through scientific and technological research, man can boast of the electric bulb, telecommunications, automobiles, space explorations, etc.

Speaking on the need for scientific literacy, the guest lecturer noted that the science-driven knowledge of the 21st century will be successfully deployed only if our nation invests in human resources, he noted that science and technology alone cannot solve all of the societal ills.

Calling on qualified young academics in science, regardless of societal or geographical background or gender to make better use of their areas of potentials. The University don asserted that the Country that best integrate the generation of new knowledge will be positioned to be the leader of the 21st century.

Speaking on behalf of the Vice Chancellor, the Dean of Post Graduate School, Prof. Bamidele Sanni expressed his appreciation to the Faculty for a well-organized event, while extending his unresolved thanks to Prof. Falodun for a well delivered lecture as presented by Dr. Bafor. He, however, enjoined the students to work hard if they must achieve their dreams, adding that a scientist must be enduring and patient. Nonetheless, he urged the students to learn from their mentors, saying that science is a bridge between societies.

Earlier, the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. T. Ekrakene, while recounting the significant strides made by the Faculty, thanked the staff for their dedication and hard work. He however urged the students to take full advantage of opportunities such as the faculty week, and be ready to achieve breakthroughs in the areas of science and research.