Faculty of Law Journal – Vol1 No1(September 2011)


BIU Law Journal Vol1 No1


Access to medicines: the colonial Impacts on Patent Law in Nigeria
Timothy Okey Umahi

Class Actions: The contours of a nascent jurisprudence
Chukwuemeka G. Nnona

Democracy as a Global Determinant Factor to Legitimate Governance and Self-Determination.
Rusniah Ahmad, Mohd Azizuddin Sani and David I. Efevwerhan

Domestic Waste Management in Nigeria and Selected Jurisdictions
J. O. Okani(Mrs.)

Environmental Impact Assessment as Key to Sustainable development in Nigeria: A Reappraisal
Stella O. Idehen (Mrs.)

The International Trade Law Context of Textile & Clothing: Old Constraints and New Challenges
Isaac Onyekwere Igwe

The Interplay of Law, Human Rights and Human Factor in the Spread and Control of HIV/AIDS: Some perspectives
Babafemi odunsi

Disciplinary Bodies of The legal Profession: A Comparative Study (Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee of the Body of Benchers)
Dele Peters Esq

Policy and Legislative Response to Child Labour in Nigeria
Marie o. Edeko(Mrs.)

The Application of Progressive Realization Principle in ensuring Global Environmental Protection in 21st Century
Gaius E. Okwezuzu

Reform Initiatives to address the ‘too-big-to-fail Financial Institutions problem
Chinyenyeze amechi

The Right of Franchise and the Imperative of a credible electoral system in Nigeria
Dukas Cj Dakas & Francis M. kwede

The Non-Justiciability of Chapter II of the 1999 Constitution: Implication for Development in Nigeria
Emily I. Alemika

The Prisoner of War statues, The Challenges of Contemporary Armed Conflicts
T. U. Akpoghome(Mrs.)

The Relevance of the Doctrine of General Average in Modern Day Maritime and Commercial transactions
Theo Chinedu Nwano

Theoretical Bases for Private Property Rights: Some Reflections
Olusesan Oliyide

Winning the War against Corruption in Nigeria- A Legal Appraisal
Jesuorobo E. Idugboe Esq.

Nigerian Oil And Industry Content Development Act 2010
T. U Akpoghome(Mrs.)

The role of the Nigerian bar Association in the investigation of reports against a legal practitioner.
Nigerian Bar Association v Tagbo G. Ike Esq and Ors
Bello J. B.