Registration, Users and Rules

Registration Requirements

New Students:

  • Two passport photographs and
  • Evidence of school fees payment(clearance card)

Old Students:

  • One passport photograph and
  • Evidence of school fees payment (clearance card)


  • Two passport photographs
  • Staff ID card

Rules and Dress Code

  1. Silence is to be observed at all times within the University Library
  2. There should be no smoking in the library
  3. Food, water and other consumables are not allowed in the library
  4. Bags, briefcases, umbrellas and other personal belongings may not be brought into the reading halls of the library, but kept in the cloak room at the owners’ risk.
  5. Readers are advised not to leave valuable items e.g. calculators and money etc in their bags, which they keep in the cloakroom, as the library takes no responsibility for loss of valuables.
  6. Firearms knives and other offensive weapons are not allowed into the library
  7. The use of mobile phones, small radios, mps and walk-mans in the library is prohibited.
  8. seat shall be reserved by or for any reader. Any seat so reserved shall be cleared by the library staff for use by others.
  9. Library staff are at liberty to inspect all items being taken out of the library.
  10. No borrowing is allowed to regular students during the long vacation except at the discretion of the University Librarian
  11. The use of any form of naked light (candles or lanterns) is strictly prohibited in the library.
  12. No book may be marked, defaced or damaged in any way. Readers are held responsible for any damage to books in their charge
  13. Wrong re-shelving of books by students in an attempt to hoard books in the library is strictly prohibited; if found the offender can be sanctioned.
  14. All users should leave consulted books on the table.
  15. Make use of the waste baskets, do not litter the library.

Benson Idahosa University Library fully subscribes to the dress code prescribed for staff and students of the university by the university authority. In summary, every user of the university library must be decently dressed. “Decent dressing is defined as that which is neat and proper fitting… A decently dressed students’ clothing covers the body appropriately, is not tight fitting or excessively large and does not elaborately define the shape of the body”.

Library staff have the right to send out any reader whose dressing contravenes decent dressing as described above.