Motivational Speaker – Steve Harris storms Benson Idahosa University.

April 27, 2015

Steve Harris

Ever heard of the name, Steve Harris? Sounds familiar isn’t it?

The renowned motivational speaker was guest speaker at the second edition of Benson Idahosa University Life Success Training (LSC) programme designed for final year students.

Speaking on the topic, “Mastering the Business of Your Talent”, Steve Harris said”. “It’s not what you don’t have that limits you, but what you have, and do not know how to use”. Challenging the students to learn to use their God-given Unique Selling Point(USP) at all times, the two time college dropout whom through diligence, determination and hard work moved from being a failure to success, charged his final year audience to rise up and move up the ladder of success. According to him, life has a way of keeping one in a particular position, but added that, determination and persistence will get you up.

Continuing he said, “If your gift has not yet made room for you, make room for your gift”, adding that often times most people seeking for jobs tend to dress like suspect and expect people to treat them like prospect.

Answering questions from his overwhelming audience, Steve Harris ended with a call to the students to be focus- driven, stay in the right location and create value by ‘mastering yourself ‘.

“People have a way of putting you in a box, and make you look like the box”-Steve Harris.