Benson Idahosa University Hosts NUC Resource Verification Team

The Management of the University received an eight-man team from the National Universities Commission (NUC), on resource verification, to assess the level of the University’s preparedness in terms of human and material resources to start its proposed programmes.

The proposed programmes are Industrial Chemistry, Chemistry, Software Engineering and Information Technology, all in the Department of Physical Sciences, Faculty of Science.

Receiving the delegation made up of Professors from various universities in the country and NUC representatives, the Vice Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University, Professor Ernest Izevbigie thanked the team for responding to the University’s invitation.

He assured them of University’s unflinching cooperation and readiness to adhere to all professional advice offered and to correct, implement and execute whatever recommendations made.

Briefing the Management after the verification exercise, the leader of the National Universities Commission (NUC) team, Professor S.B Junaid expressed satisfaction with things on ground for the proposed programmes and enjoined the University to keep up the pace of developmental projects.

He lauded the University for providing sophisticated equipment in the laboratories, efficient e-library, and adequate internet facility. Furthermore, he thanked the University for providing an enabling environment for his team to do its job, while commending the notable contributions of the entire Faculty to the relentless pursuit of the vision of raising models, professionals and entrepreneurs.

Apart from Professor S.B Junaid, other members of the eight-man team include, Prof. Hammawa Mohammed, Prof. Olumide Owolabi, Prof. Folahan Adekola, Prof. Abass Olajure, Prof. O.S Adewale, Hayatuddeen Umar and Nazeef Bala.

Professor S.B Junaid mentioned that the assignment took them to many places on the University campus such as the laboratories, classrooms, library, and staff offices.

Responding on behalf of the University, the Vice Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University, Prof. Ernest Izevbigie thanked the team for the visit and appreciated the suggestions, observations and genuine criticism made by the verification team to the University. He expressed hope that the University would be given the nod to commence the programmes very soon.

He maintained that the University was going to ensure strict compliance to the National Universities Commission’s set standard in its entire academic programme.

Also at the meeting were the Registrar, Benson Idahosa University, Rev. Mike Okagbare; Librarian, Mrs. Grace Sanni, Bursar, Mr. Gladday Igweagbara; Dean of Post graduate School, Prof. Bamidele Sanni, Dean of Faculty of Science, Dr. Osondu Akoma; Director of Academic Planning, Dr. Mark Ighile and other Faculty members from the Department of Physical Sciences.

Paying tithe is matter of love not law – FEB Idahosa

The President of Benson Idahosa University, Bishop Faith Emmanuel Benson (F.E.B) Idahosa has advised Christians to avoid being misled by certain individuals who think paying tithe is wrong.

The Bishop, Church of God Mission International, Faith Arena, who was commenting on a recent statement by popular On Air Personality (OAP) Daddy Freeze, gave this advice in an exclusive interview with our correspondents at the premises of the Benson Idahosa University, Benin Edo State, recently.

According to F.E.B Idahosa, it is a very interesting issue but he observed that the problem is for people like Daddy Freeze and other people to be upset because they think the church is taking advantage of certain people.

His words: “Tithing is a matter of love between me and God. There is a very long discourse on tithing which we cannot really deal with unless to discuss from the scripture one by one. Tithing is something that people are asking questions about and they need to understand fully how it works.

“On my Instagram recently, I said pursue understanding. So before you talk or say certain things, understand what the point is about. Then you would know where it is coming from.

“Tithing should not be an issue where someone is forced to tithe because the truth is, if you don’t tithe today, the church would not die. We have as part of our Core Values in the church that we tithe to show our commitments to God and show His commitments to us, to supply our needs.

“For me, I tithe because I love God and I do it because I trust Him to supply my needs. I give Him a part of my income which could be 10, 20 or 30%. There are pastors who give 40% of their income as tithe, not to other pastors but they inject it back into the church.

“My father was giving 90% of his income to the ministry. He wasn’t giving it to one person. And he lived on 10% which was enough to take care of our home needs.

Tithing is a matter of Love and not Law. If you want to talk about law then people get to fall under certain laws.

“Law will eventually fall apart but love is the one that will not fall away. Look, Abraham tithe because of love for Melchizedek. Law came after Abraham through Moses. So you can argue if the law was abolished bla bla bla which is true but Abraham didn’t tithe because there was a law but because he loved Melchizedek.

“There is a certain blessing that God has promised for those who pay tithe, so that’s the promise I am tapping on when I pay my tithe. If you don’t pay tithe as a Christian, I don’t think you will die. No! It is a matter of the heart. So we encourage people to tithe because there are certain blessings that come with it.

“Some people don’t believe in it, but will they die? No. Think of it this way, some of the world’s biggest philanthropists, give a ten or more of their income away. This people are not getting poorer. They are getting richer. Now, they don’t call it tithing but almost all of them will tell you that you must give a part of your income away. It is a principle that works.”

The Bible scholar corroborated this statement with the scripture saying that God causes the rain to fall on both the righteous and the unrighteous. He doesn’t discriminate. There are certain principles that work either you are a Christian or not.

According to him, “If you plant in the ground as a Christian, it will grow. If a non Christian does the same, given similar factors, it will grow. These are principles of God that work in nature.

“People tend to take it one way and they want to make comments about it. Look at someone like Daddy Freeze now, he is using the opportunity to insult pastors. He doesn’t have to get that far. Address the issue and if you want people to be free in their minds, give them the facts allow the pastors say their side too.

“He might have had an experience before now but he should not make a general statement,” F.E.B Idahosa advised.


More than 50 percent of Nigerians are Miserable- Prof. Sam Guobadia

The Deputy Vice Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University, Prof. Sam Guobadia has disclosed that over 50 percent of Nigerians are miserable because of the nation’s economic downturn.

Prof. Guobadia made this known while delivering an inaugural lecture titled “It’s the Environment.” The ceremony, which was held in the university main auditorium, marked the 7th inaugural lecture in the University.

The University don, cited a research program carried out by the World Economic Forums Misery Index which supported his position. The index, he mentioned, is a combined measurement of unemployment and the average rate of inflation in prices of goods and services in the country.

“The combined employment and underemployment rates in Nigeria’s recession prone economy pulled the unemployment rate in the country to well over 50 percent, fueling the risk of insecurity and youth restiveness,” he said.

He mentioned that the failure to develop the economy after five decades of independence is a result of deficiencies in the environment particularly in the area of infrastructure, energy, education, macroeconomic policies, agriculture, international trade and suffocating corruption.

The Professor of Economics who boasts of innovative ideas in economic development added that the alteration of the existing economic and political disequilibrium would lead to more efficient allocation of resources and the development of sustainable economic growth path.

He highlighted negligence, corruption, policy inconsistencies, government inimical policies, and harsh operating environment as factors responsible for Nigeria’s poor economic performance.

He added: “Until the environment in Nigeria is sanitized it will be difficult to apply any form of sensible, modern economic framework. This is because conventional economic models no longer work in Nigeria due to environmental factors. This means that without fixing the environment, achieving inclusive growth, reducing unemployment and underemployment, eradicating poverty and the ability to diversify the economy and compete globally will remain elusive.”

The astute scholar lamented that Nigeria invests just 3percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on education compared to South Korea that invests close to 60 percent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on education and vocational trainings.

“Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore invest up 80 percent of its annual budget on capital projects; while Nigeria invests below the average of 24 percent of its annual budget on capital projects. Unarguably, Nigeria spends over 70 percent of its annual budget on recurrent expenditure, “he said.

On restructuring, he said: “If we do not restructure, if we did not revamp, if we do not change our institutions there would be difficulty in making economic progress because resources are not everything but the management of these resources and institutions establish the society.

“If we restructure, the strength and the resourcefulness of the people of the country will come out. Right now, many regions in the country are not pulling their weight because you have not unleashed them. If you unleash them then they will offer their best.

“Restructuring is not bad. What has produced the bad leaders is because we have weak institutions. Strong institutions will make good leaders come and go. Many of our leaders are good. President Buhari is not able to perform because we are faced with a deficient structure both politically and economically. The minute we revamp those structures, Nigerians will be unleashed and we will become one of the greatest economics of the world. Change the basic structure and Nigeria will grow.

The inaugural lecturer further recommended that improving governance, education,  manpower development, eliminating corruption, modernizing of agricultural production, providing adequate soft and hard infrastructure in terms of policy and institutional reforms, judiciary, education as well as modern port facilities, railways and energy as the way forward for Nigeria

He said: “If we can fix the environment, then Nigeria will achieve economic emancipation.”

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ernest Izevbigie, represented by a Professor of Accounting and  former Vice Chancellor of University of Benin, Prof Richard Anao, congratulated the inaugural lecturer, noting that inaugural lectures were avenues through which scholars educate the public about their various achievements in research and learning.

He thanked Prof. Guobadia for delivering the seventh inaugural lecture of the University which he described as important and thoughtful.

The lecture was well attended by lecturers and students within and outside the country.


Happy Wedding Anniversary to our President and Wife

Happy 15th wedding anniversary to the President of Benson Idahosa University, Bishop F.E.B Idahosa and his lovely wife, the Director, Campus life Division, Rev. Laurie Idahosa.

We pray that  the bond of love between you gets stronger every day and may your every anniversary be more exciting as ever.

Happy anniversary to both of you.

We love you.



Leadership is effective when communicated – Dr. Ighile

Everistus Onwuzurike

Strategic Leadership Academy, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), in conjunction with Scripture Communication Network recently organised a leadership summit for staff and students of Benson Idahosa University, administrative staff and youth leaders.

The event with the theme: Communicating Leadership had industry top-rated leadership experts and academics as keynote speakers.

In his welcome address, the convener of the leadership summit, Dr. Mark Ighile, said the event was held to equip students with leadership skills and qualities of progressive leadership for success in various aspects of life.

According to him, if you can speak to a leader, you have spoken to hundreds of people. Leaders must learn to speak right in other to lead right.

Dr. Ighile said the summit would challenge students to strive for excellence and relevance, especially in this age of moral relativity.

Explaining the theme of the summit, Dr. Ighile, who also doubles as the Director of Academic Planning, Benson Idahosa University explained that many leaders are not productive because they lack the ability to communicate. It is effective presentation of ideas and vision that precipitates followership and fulfillment

Speaking on “work ethics and leadership branding,” one of the plenary session speakers, Dr. Isaac Awotanmi said: “ethical life helps your spiritual life and makes the evil depart from you.” He added that not all values are ethical values.

He told the participants that for them to become good leaders; they must first be good followers.

The former Provost of Apostolic Church Theological Seminary noted that there are many books on leadership but few books on followership.

Awotanmi advised youth leaders and scholars to treat people with dignity and be fair in all their dealings.

The Director, HR, Friesland Campina WAMCO, Tominiyi Oni, who spoke on “Raising talents through coaching and mentoring,” said that coaching and mentoring help to nurture young people for all they need in life to be successful.

Oni added that the world is changing, and because of this, the people of the world are changing too.As a result, he urged the students to find their purpose while they are still young.

“You can be good but with your purpose you will be great,” he said.

He advised leaders across the country to mentor and coach young people so that the future can be bright for all Nigerians.

On his part, the resident Pastor, Church of God Mission International, Rev. Dickson Ogbahon mentioned that leadership is an influence and is not being imposed.

He said a lot of people attend leadership summit but fail to exhibit the characteristics inherent in a leader.

“There are people with various leadership certificates but are not really leaders,” he said.

He reminded them that even though they are not leading anybody, they are leading themselves to a destination.

Present at the summit, were the former Vice Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University, Prof. Oyedeji, Dean College of Agriculture, Prof. Williams Molindo, Senior Pastor of Unique Christian Assembly, Pastor Joseph Abraham, staff and students leaders of Benson Idahosa University.



7th Moot Court Competition: Benson Idahosa University Set to Defend Title

7th Moot Court Competition: Benson Idahosa University Set to Defend Title

Benson Idahosa University, winner of the 6th edition of the International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition which was held at Lagos State University, is set to defend their title as champions at the ongoing 7th edition of the Moot court competition taking place in Port Harcourt.

The coach and lecturer who is supervising the team from Benson Idahosa University, Dr. (Mrs.) T.U Akpoghome said that the expectations are very high; though  they are ready to defend their title.

“The expectations are high, we believe that having won the title last year, God is going to take us there again and give us victory as it is neither by power nor by might.”

Every other school is preparing, they all want to go to Tanzania, and there is no crime if we go to Arusha twice.

The students are ready and are in high spirit and I strongly believe that what God has started he will be faithful to finish.

On preparations, she said they have being practicing since the beginning of the year and the memorials which are the arguments both for the applicants and the prosecution are well arranged.

“Our earnest prayer is that when we ballot , we should pick applicants because the applicant’s case is usually very stronger and it helps to build a good foundation for the students. Benson Idahosa University has always shown to be one of the best universities with the knowledge of International Humanitarian Law,” she said.

One of the representatives, Abbey Ngwiate said it is a great opportunity for her to represent her school in such a big competition.

“Since we resumed we have being preparing for this competition and i believe God will crown our efforts with success.”

It will be recalled that last year Benson Idahosa University was represented by, Iheaturu Jane (500L Law student), Osike Edward (500L Law student) and Babajide Love (500L Law student), who proved their superiority over their counterparts during the intellectual scuffle.

Benson Idahosa University emerged victorious amidst stiff competition from nine other universities, which included, Lagos State University (LASU), Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID), Bayero University Kano (BUK), University of Benin (UNIBEN), University of Abuja (UNIABUJA), University of Uyo (UNIUYO), River State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), and University of Jos (UNIJOS).

The Moot Court competition helps to introduce students and budding lawyers to the practical aspect of the study of law, as well as create a healthy rivalry amongst sister Faculties of Law from several institutions.


Prof. Guobadia to Deliver 7th Inaugural Lecture


Everistus Onwuzurike

Benson Idahosa University is set to hold its 7th Inaugural Lecture. The title of the lecture is, “It’s the environment” and will be delivered by an erudite scholar, Prof. Sam Guobadia from the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences.

The event would hold on Thursday, October 19, 2017 at the University Auditorium by 1pm. The Vice Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University, Prof. Ernest Izevbigie is to chair and preside over the occasion.

Prof. Guobadia, who is the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Benson Idahosa of University, is a top research scholar, teacher, editor and facilitator.

The Professor of Economics boasts of innovative ideas in economic development, corporate governance and organizational management. He received his undergraduate and postgraduate training in Nigeria and the United States of America.

The astute scholar’s academic qualifications include baccalaureate, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Economics with emphasis on economic forecasting, economic development and financial economics. His academic and professional affiliations have included the American Economic Association, Nigerian Economic Society and the Nigerian Statistical Association.

He played instrumental role in the new Federal Government’s Youth-with-Innovation programme; coordinating Edo and Delta States – receiving commendations from the National Coordinators of these programmes.

The 7th inaugural lecturer is actively engaged in capacity building for the enhancement and development of various sectors of the Nigerian economy.

AIG Lauds Benson Idahosa University

Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of Zone 5, Benin City, Mr. Abubakar Adamu Mohammed, has commended Benson Idahosa University for the peace enjoyed in the University. He gave the commendation when the University Management paid a courtesy visit to him at the Nigeria Police Force, Zone 5 headquarters, Benin City.

He said he is pleased with the way the University is handling its security matters as there hasn’t been any major case of armed robbery, unrest, kidnapping or cultism in the institution.

He noted that the police was doing its best to prevent crimes in the State and mentioned that crimes have drastically reduced to the barest minimum. However, he advised the Management to keep doing the good work, adding that his command will continue to support and cooperate with the University to further ensure peace and tranquility. “Cultism is a phenomenon attached with tertiary institutions and we try to make sure such is not perpetrated in universities.

This is one of the major reasons we partner with various universities in the country.” Mr. Mohammed emphasized the need for academics to come up with ideas that can assist the police in combatting crime; stating that policing has evolved over the years due to technological innovations.

He said the zone looked forward to the continued support of the University towards the operations of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF). Speaking during the visit, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ernest Izevbigie lauded the police boss for ensuring that there was peace and security in the state.

He described the visit as a landmark because of the cordial relationship between the Police Force and the University.

Prof. Izevbigie mentioned that the University is making plans to partner with the Nigeria Police Force in terms of Forensic Science. Commenting on crime waves, he said the University has a robust security system that has helped curb the spate of crime in the state.

He prayed the AIG to use his office to keep the tempo high. The Vice Chancellor expressed his appreciation to the AIG and wished him success in discharging his duties to the State.

Benson Idahosa University, Royal Exchange Prudential Life Sign MoU

The educational sector has received a major boost as Benson Idahosa University and the Royal Exchange Prudential Life recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

This is to help bona fide students of Benson Idahosa University who are unable to complete their fees as a result of demise of their sponsors. The University Management took this step further to ensure that student who gain admission into the University, graduate without any financial hindrance.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the Vice Chancellor of Benson Idahosa University, Prof. Ernest Izevbigie said it is a welcome development as the University had continued to demonstrate capacity in learning.

Following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and exchange of documents between the leaderships of Benson Idahosa University and Royal Exchange Prudential Life, Prof. Ernest Izevbigie, attributed that the collaboration features the University’s core areas, which are Research, Teaching and Service.

He further expressed his excitement at the opportunities which the product will primarily accord the affected students with hope that greater things will come from the collaboration.

On his part, the Head of Technical Operations, Royal Exchange Prudential Life, Wale Akinrotimi said the collaboration is one of their company’s product called the Royal Tuition Plan.

This product/plan he explained will ensure that every student remains in school uninterrupted as long as the partnership with Benson Idahosa University exists. Akinrotimi said, “We are faced with a lot of contingencies in life; contingency of death and permanent disability, and we are here to partner with Benson Idahosa University to help students whenever such occurs.

For instance, if a parent dies while the child is still in this school, we would pay the school fees till he/she graduates.” He commended the University saying it’s a laudable effort because very few institutions have keyed into this.

He reiterated that the partnership is in a bid to ensure that the studentship of any child is not jeopardized as a result of the death of his/ her parents” he said.

Royal Exchange Prudential Life is the life arm of the Royal Exchange Plc. The company is licensed to underwrite life insurance and related risks.