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Author(s): INYANG I.A, DR. OBAHIAGBON K (2015)
Published at :International Journal of Humanities Social Sciences and Education (IJHSSE)
The Manufacturing qualities are integral factor within the manufacturing industries, for it not only determine survival but also efficiency of an organization. Most of the implemented manufacturing approaches in attaining qualities are subjective in nature. A fuzzy Based approach was adopted in initiating objective processes. This paper demonstrates the practical application of fuzzy logic techniques in obtaining the qualities of manufacturing.
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Why Public Relations Practice?

Author(s): EGBULEFU, C.C (2009)
Published at :Nigerian Mass Communication Association Journal (Maiden Issue), pp.150-161.
The paper extensively analysed, the reasons why public relations practice is needful in every organization. It was established that no individual, group or an organization can accomplish its set objectives in a state of misinterpretation, chaos and rejection. To avert the occurrence of this ugly situation, the understanding of the various images an organization has such as, the mirror, current, corporate, multiple, wish and product/service images are identified by public relations practitioners. Changing bad images involves winning the various publics by applying the PR transfer process model propounded by Frank Jefkins that changes hostility to sympathy, prejudice to acceptance, apathy to interest and ignorance to knowledge, to function properly all public relations practitioners should be conversant with the various communication skills, have an understanding of the PR tools and models applicable while solving organizations problems. It is no gain-saying the fact, that the job of maintaining a good image of an organization through a two-way symmetric communication, should enlist the support of the management cadre. Hence, the interest of its publics should be paramount while taking decisions, if organizational objectives are to be realized. Here lies the importance of public relations practice which serves as a pin in the center of a hole
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Enagbonma. O and Eraikhuemen I.b (2010) Interaction Effects of Product Lifetime and Shortage Cost on the Proposed Fixed Lifetime Inventory Model “south East Asian Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences”

This paper presents a proposed cost model for the inventory system with fixed lifetime. We were particularly interested in the interaction effects of “Product lifetime and shortage cost on the proposed fixed lifetime inventory model’. The results observed agree with what one would expect.
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a Dynamic Programming Approach to Replacement of Transport Vehicles in Benin City, Nigeria

Author(s): AMIENS, E. O., OISAMOJE, M. D. AND INEGBENEBOR, A. U (2015)
Published at :British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science
Every organisation has an objective to optimise the utility function of its available operational assets. For commercial vehicle transport operators, the goal is to operate the vehicles for as long as they can make net contribution to the organisation’s corporate objective. Hence, when these vehicles are replaced becomes an issue for strategic decision making. Unfortunately many of the commercial bus transport companies lack the skill to undertake the required empirical evaluation necessary to provide objective data and information for making the vehicle replacement decisions. This study was therefore an effort to bridge this gap in knowledge. Only two out of the fourteen transporter companies of interest operating in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria agreed to provide the required data for the study which covered the period 2008 to 2013 and for Toyota brand of buses only. The data was subjected to backward recursive dynamic programming analysis. The results showed that the four years fixed-age vehicle replacement policy employed by commercial bus transport companies in Benin City was optimum only for the Toyota high roof types of buses. The study thus recommends that commercial vehicle owners/operators should endeavour to keep reliable, relevant and up to records of their vehicles. While it is advocated that adequate and continuous training of key staff on equipment replacement should also be encouraged, operators of mass-transit systems can seek the assistance of Operations Research experts in order to enhance their decisions regarding vehicle replacement policies. Keywords : Backward recursive; dynamic programming; minimisation model; toyota bus; vehicle replacement; replacement policy; replacement strategy.
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Advocacy Role of Edo State Chapter of Nigerian Association of Women Journalism (nawoj) in the Fight Against Domestic Violence on Women.

Author(s): OKEIBUNOR, N.B. & EGBULEFU, C.C. (2012)
Published at :Journal of Linguistics And Communication Studies, Vol.2, No.1, pp.175-190.
This paper examined the advocacy role of Nigerian Association of Women Journalists (NAWOJ) Edo Chapter, in the fight against domestic violence on women in Edo State. The research was undertaken to ascertain the various contributory supportive measures put in place or carried out by NAWOJ to end domestic violence on women, given to the harrowing experiences of women in most regions of the world, especially in Nigeria. Survey method of scientific inquiry which employed a 10- item questionnaire was used in obtaining data from a population of 40 registered female journalists in Edo State. Rensis Likert‘s scaling system was used in analyzing the generated data. The finding revealed among others, that NAWOJ was seriously lagging in her coverage and reportage of domestic violence on women as only one 1% attention was given to it as affirmed by her Benchmark magazine. The study recommended among others that NAWOJ should muster all her strengths in the fight to stop domestic violence on women with its retrogressive and volatile nature and should use every opportunity available to uphold women’s peace, stability and development.
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"feature and Magazine Article Writing"

Author(s): OBOH, G.E. & OWOLABI, T, O.S. (2010)
Published at :Okwilagwe, O.A. (ed.) Nigeriana Stirling-Horden Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Communication: Historical and Theoretical Perspectives. Ibadan: Stirling-Horden Publishers Limited, Vol.1 pp.224-238 (ISBN: 978-978-032-112-3)
This study discusses the arts and techniques of writing feature story for newspaper publication. The chapter examines the functions of a feature story in the creation of public awareness on issues and events in society, and discusses the portrait of a feature writer. The authors discussed the different types of feature articles, as well as the elements of a good feature story. The study also examines how journalists gather information to write feature stories, as well as the benefits writers derive from writing feature stories for publication. How journalists know the topics to write about and the necessary tools for writing feature story were examined in the chapter. The study discusses how to prepare a manuscript for feature article, the structure of a feature article and the stylistic approach that writers employ that make a feature story interesting to read. The concluding section of the study discusses the ethics and the legal rules guiding feature writing, and how feature articles indirectly contribute to the growth and development of society.
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"rural Community Journalism in Nigerian Media Practice"

Author(s): OBOH, G.E. (2010)
Published at :Okwilagwe, O.A. (ed.) Nigeriana Sirling-Horden Encyclopaedia of Mass Media and Communication: Social and Entrepreneurial Imperatives. Ibadan: Stirling-Horden Publishers Limited, Vol.3, pp.260-276 (ISBN 978-978-032-123-9)
The chapter examines the role of community journalism in the effort to bridge the information gap between the urban and the rural dwellers in Nigeria. The author discusses the functions of the transnational media and the national media organizations to establish that none of these media outfits is able to meet the information needs of the rural population in Nigeria, hence the argument on the need for community journalism that would strictly be devoted to the coverage of issues and events in the rural and semi-urban communities where people still have limited access to media messages. The study further examines the concept of public opinion, the functions of community newspaper and radio, the barriers to the effective coverage of issues in rural areas, as well as the objectives of community journalism in national development.
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"the Imperativeness of Strategic Planning and Implementation of Public Relations Programmes in the Nigerian Universities"

Author(s): OBOH, G.E. & EBOREIME, O.F. (2014)
Published at :Sambe, J.A (ed.) Mass Media Modules for Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria. Benin City: A Publication of department of Mass Communication, Benson Idahosa University (BIU), pp. 219-236 (ISBN:978-978-942-384-2)
The chapter examines the role of planning in effective public relations process, and discusses the background of public relations practice, as well as the phases of development in the evolution public relations practice in Nigeria. The study highlighted the similarities and differences between public relations and the other adjuncts of the mass media. The Social Judgment Theory was adopted as the as the most appropriate theoretical framework for the study, which explains how the members of a target public usually respond to messages that are of mutual benefits to the both source and the recipient of mediated messages. This theory assumes that the members of a target audience are likely to receive and evaluate every message based on where they placed such message on the attitude scale. It believes that audience’s attitude towards a message involves a series of imperceptible variations, ranging from most favourable, to most unfavourable . Therefore, the author advises that public relations officers must first be able to identify the predispositions of the members of a target public toward an issue to be able to ascertain the degree of persuasion that might be required to effect a positive change in the cognitive balance of the members of the target public. The chapter further examined the implications of strategic and tactical planning in effective public relations process and how public diplomacy and soft power could be used to enhance public relations practice in Nigerian universities.
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an Automatic Method for Choosing Window Width in the Kernel Density Estimation.

Published at :“Abacus the Journal of Mathematical Association Of Nigeria Vol. 34 No.2B 279-287”
The work is concerned with density estimation,which deals with the construction of an estimate of the function from observed data. We obtained kernel method for the unwarranted data under which we discussed the measure of discrepancy, bias, variance, the optimal widow width (hopt) of various higher derivatives (i.e. hopt (2), hopt (4, hopt (6),hopt (8) and their corresponding risk function(MISE).Here we are proposing a method in the choosing of the window width called the Automatic method in place of the subjective choice.
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an Exploration of Health and Safety Management Issues in Nigeria’s Efforts to Industrialize.

Author(s): IDUBOR, E. E. AND OISAMOJE, M. D. (2013)
Published at :European Scientific Journal (April 2013), 9(12), 154-169.
All organizations have a duty of care to ensure that employees and other persons who may be affected by the company’s undertakings remain safe at all times. This paper examines the background of occupational health and safety (OHS) practices in Nigeria, and highlights the importance of mitigating the OHS challenges identified from the moral, legal, financial and other dimensions. In the Nigerian context, the need to reinforce health and safety management (HSM) issues is exemplified from the unsavory recurrent reports of plane crashes in the aviation industry, high rates of motor vehicle accidents, numerous cases of deaths due to poisoning in the solid mineral sector, frequent accounts of disasters in the petroleum sector arising from oil spills, pipeline vandalism as well as accidents involving petroleum tankers. More effective and efficient management of these issues is a sine qua non to the industrialization efforts of an economy. Against the background of extant HS legislation in Nigeria, some reasons for frequent violations of OHS standards and norms by operators were identified as bribery and corruption in the system, the ‘Nigerian Factor’, inadequate funding of monitoring institutions, low levels of education of employees as well as problems of persistent unemployment in the country. While recommending ways to mitigate the OHS flaws in Nigerian institutions, the relative duties and responsibilities of stakeholders in the OHS business were identified. The paper concludes by noting the importance of a virile HSM environment to the overall economic development of the nation. Keywords: Occupational Health and Safety, Management Issues, Industrializing Economy
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Approach to the Construction of Variable Stepsize for a Class of General Linear Methods

Author(s): BAZUAYE, F.E.; AND ATAHA, J. (2006)
Published at :Trends In Applied Sciences Research, 1(5) ,477-486. A publication of Academic Journals Inc. U.S.A.
We present a new approach to the construction of variable stepsize for a class of general linear methods for the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. These methods provide an alternative to the Nordsieck technique of changing the stepsize of integration. Order conditions are derived using a recent approach by Albrecht and examples of methods are given which are appropriate for stiff or nonstiff systems in sequential or parallel computing environments. Numerical experiments are presented which indicate that the implementation based on variable stepsize formulation is more accurate and more efficient than the implementation based on Nordsieck’s technique for second-order DIMSIMs of type 1
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Assessment of Physicochemical Qualities, Heavy Metal Concentrations and Bacterial Pathogens in Shanomi Creeks in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.

Published at :African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Vol. 6(11), pp. 419-424, November 2012 Available online at http://www.academicjournals.org/AJEST DOI: 10.5897/AJEST12.038
The physicochemical and microbial qualities of Shanomi creeks in the Niger Delta of Nigeria were assessed between January and October 2011. The temperature across sampling stations ranged between 26 and 27.7°C, while pH varied from 7.49 to 8.74. Turbidity ranged from 176.62-189.96 NTU and conductivity varied between 360.45 and 454.88 ?S/cm. The concentrations of other physicochemical parameters were as follows: BOD (6.39-7.64 mg/L) COD (84.25-97.27 mg/L); ammonia (26.83-33.98 mg/L); nitrate (37.25-43.89 mg/L); nitrite (37.35-41.75 mg/L); and phosphate (28.83-37.85 mg/L). The relative dominance of metals in the water followed the sequence: Al > Zn > Cu > Fe > Mn > Cd > Pb > Hg > As. Feacal and total coliform densities ranged from 1.05 × 102 to 4.25 × 103 (cfu/mL) and 1.56 × 102 to 6.40 × 104 (cfu/mL) respectively. The study reveals that the water under study was heavily polluted and of serious threat to the aquatic biota and public health. Key words: Aquatic biota, contamination, pollution, public health, microbial indicators, toxic effects.
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Characteristics of Fatty Alcohols from the Sodium Reduction of Palm Fatty Acid Methyl Esters.

Author(s): OBOH, F. O. J. & LORI, J. A. (1992)
Published at :La Rivista Italiana Delle Sostanze Grasse
Characteristics of fatty alcohols from the sodium reduction of palm fatty acid methyl esters Abstract Fatty alcohols have been prepared from palm oil and palm kernel oil methyl esters by the sodium reduction process. The crude palm oil based product was a light brown soft waxy solid with an alcohol content of 76.4% (alcohol yield of 85.9%) while the palm kernel oil based product was a transparent semi-solid with an alcohol content of 75.9% (alcohol yield of 88.3%). The purified alcohol products gave the distinct infra red bands at 3.0 µ, 3.3-3.6 µ, 6.9 µ and 9.5 µ characteristic of long chain alcohols and refractive indices N sub (D) sup (27.5 deg C) of 1.4590 and 1.4505 for the palm oil and palm kernel oil based products respectively. The end use potentials of the products are discussed.
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Characteristics of Fatty Alcohols from the Sodium Reduction of Tucum Fatty Acid Methyl Esters

Author(s): F.O.J. OBOH (1995)
Published at :La Rivista Italiana Delle Sustanze Grasse
Characteristics of fatty alcohols from the sodium reduction of tucum fatty acid methyl esters [Astrocaryum vulgare] Oboh, F.O.J. (National Research Inst. for Chemical Technology, Zaria (Nigeria). Dept. of Industrial Chemical) Abstract: Fatty alcohols have been prepared from tucum pulp oil and kernel fat based fatty acid methyl esters. The crude pulp oil based alcohol was a light brown soft waxy solid with an alcohol content of 77.4% (alcohol yield of 86.1%) while the kernel oil based product was a light brown waxy solid with an alcohol content of 68.8% (alcohol yield of 80.0%). The purified alcohol products gave the distinct infrared bands at 30 micron, 3.3-3.6 micron, 6.9 micron and 9.6 micron characteristic of long chain alcohols and refractive indices N sub(D) sup(27 deg C) of 1,460 and 1,448 for pulp oil and kernel oil based products respectively. The end use potentials of the products are discussed.
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Corruption, Anti Corruption and the Judiciary in Nigeria **

Published at :Igbinedion University Okada, Journal of Jurisprudence and International Law. Vol.1 [2014] Pg.355
CORRUPTION, ANTI CORRUPTION AND THE JUDICIARY IN NIGERIA ** ABSTRACT Despite the National and International Condemnation of Corruption as a social vice' in most societies and its seeming embedding in Nigeria's business cultures, most Nigerians like Passing the gauntlet left from politicians to administrators, business men and some professionals. This paper centrally seeks to demystify the myth of incurability ascribed to this phenomenon. The Paper begins by exploring the meaning of constitutions in relations governance and within the circumference of democratic Stales. We further consider various conceptual and theoretical meaning of corruption. The paper place tremendously analyses on Anti-corruption methodology and the Legal System' 'approach to curbing corruption it' thereafter scrutinizes the Legal framework for combating Corruption and the Judiciary. This Work finally poses and resolves the all-important question whether the judiciary: that is a; product of this society deserve the derogatory accolade of a cross bearer' of corruption? We conclude that institutional Corruption is a hydra headed phenomenon and cannot be eradicated with a singular' approach. With the initiatives put in place to complement the existing laws, one should have' though, outright against corruption will easy. What seems indispensable is the lack political will to deal with corruption. Most of the handicap suffered by the judiciary in the full utilization of the anti-corruption laws stem from the fact that the Executive arm of government controls the judiciary via the Attorney-General and indirectly the judiciary does not often want one of its own to be exposed. KEY WORDS: CORRUPTION, ANTI-CORRUPTION, JUDICIARY, NIGERIA, SOCEITY, GOVERNANCE. Introduction The constitutive element of constitutional democracy all over the world, connotes in essence a system of rule in which legal limitations are placed on the government. It is the antithesis of arbitrary rule and despotic governance and has three main constitutive elements via are (i) it must relate to a constitution (ii) it must relate to democratic government and (iii) the nature and type of limitations it places on the government must be known I. Flowing from this position is the implied view or strong presumption that there must be a constitution in place which delineates the arms of government and the responsibilities *Obokhai L. Obadan: LLM. BL, Lecturer, Benson Idahosa University, Benin. City, Nigeria. Tel. +2348037507230 1264@yahoo.com and oobadan@biu.edu.ng. *Ojieifo Eikhenomian: LL.B (University of Benin), BL (Nigeria), LL.M Information and Communication Technology Law (University of Oslo, Norway). Lecturer, Benson Idahosa University, Benin City, Nigeria. Tel. +2348180505556, oeikhenomian@biu.edu.ng 1 Wheare K.C Modem constitutions, Every Man library Press (1966) pg. 137 356
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Cost Reduction Strategy for Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria: a Synthesis.

Author(s): ABIKWI M. & OKAFOR C.J. (2013)
Published at :Journal of Collaborative Research and Development (JCRD) Association for Promoting Academic Research and Development in Nigeria (APARDN)
In the wake of global recession, reducing costs in the educational sector especially the tertiary level is vital for survival of this level of education in Nigeria. The paper focused on the cost reduction in tertiary institutions that will equip them to thrive in an increasingly competitive world. Tertiary education in Nigeria takes 40% of the total allocation to education yet there is the constant cry of inadequate funding. In the light of this, Cost reduction becomes a priority, and tertiary institutions in Nigeria may need to cut many costs to restore its developmental strides. In tertiary institutions, cost is determined by cost of instruction, costs associated with sponsored research or special activities cost of student living and cost of foregone earnings. To reduce cost of running tertiary institutions therefore, the study suggests and recommends that NUC recommendation of one support staff to three academic staff; to reduce cost of personnel which takes about 80% of funds allocated to education should be adhered to. Tertiary institutions should be operated as paperless institutions. This is to reduce cost of stationeries and there should be an adequate accounting system to help managers of tertiary education to be conscious of material wastages in the Nigerian educational system.
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Educators Level of Qualfication: Implications in the Management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Among Children in Edo State, Nigeria

Author(s): ABIKWI, M. I. & E. O. EGBOCHUKU (2012)
ABSTRACT There is a prevalence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder yet educators may not fully comprehend its diagnosis and what steps to take in assisting children who manifest the symptoms at home without labeling them wrongly. The present investigation examined the impact of level of educational qualification in the management of ADHD among educators of primary school pupils in Nigeria. In this study one hypothesis was formulated. Educators characteristics level of qualification. The sample population were educators in primary school in Edo State, Nigeria. One instrument, the M-KADHD questionnaire modified by the researcher was used for the study and was administered to all participants at the beginning. They were grouped into 2 (70 for control and 70 for treatment interventions which lasted 6 weeks. At the end of eight weeks all participants again completed the M-KADHD questionnaire. A total of 140 respondents were used. In comparing the mean scores for experimental and control groups for the level of qualification of educators there was no significant difference.
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Effectiveness of Training on Extension Agents’ Technology in Communication in Women in Agriculture (wia) Programme in Edo State, Nigeria.

Author(s): OKOEDO-OKOJIE D.U. AND ALAKPA S.O.E. (2014)
Published at :Nigerian Journal of Agriculture and forestry.
This study assessed the effect of training on extension agents' effectiveness in communicating technologies in Women-In-Agriculture (WIA) programme in Edo State, Nigeria. Data were collected using structure questionnaire administered to 60 female extension agents involved in WIA programme across the state. Descriptive and Pearson correlation were used for analysis. Most (48.6%) respondents were 41-50 years with a mean age of 36.8. Majority (74.3%) had OND, 94.3% were married, had a mean working experience of 17.9 years while 77.1 were blocked were block extension agents. Majority(91.4%) of the respondents communicated technologies to women farmers fortnightly, while 85.7% reach 1-5 women groups with farm technology information. The respondents were favorably desirable disposed to training while ability to communicate effectively"(mean=3.77) was the most desirable experience of training. Improved variety(mean=3.69) was the most effectively communicated technology. Age(r=0.233) and working experience (r= 0.229) had positive and significant (p<0.050) association with effectiveness in communicating technologies to farmers. It was recommended that more female extension agent agent be trained in all programmes in ADPs.
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Effects of Refining Variations and Bleaching on the Characteristics of Tucum (astrocaryum Vulgare Mart.)

Author(s): F.O.J. OBOH (1994)
Published at :La Rivista Italiana Delle Sostanze Grasse
Effect of refining variations and bleaching on the characteristics of tucum (Astrocaryum vulgare Mart) pulp oil Auteur(s) / Author(s) OBOH F. O. J. ; Affiliation(s) du ou des auteurs / Author(s) Affiliation(s) Nigerian inst. oil palm res., Benin City, NIGERIA Résumé / Abstract The effects of refining variations followed by bleaching on the quality of the pulp oil of the Tucum (A. vulgare) palm fruit were determined. Conditions found most effective for refining were prior degumming with 0.2% phosphoric acid and 2% distilled water, triple treatment at 65oC for 15 min using 16oBe and 20oBe NaOH at 80% of maximum and 20oBe NaOH at the maximum, followed by bleaching at 105oC with a mixture of activated bleaching earth (2%) and activated carbon (0.2%). Oil processed under these conditions gave the following analytical values: carotenoid 14.7 mg/kg oil, free fatty acid 0.28%, peroxides 10 meg/kg oil, conjugated dienoic and trienoic acids 0.80 and 0.01% respectively and Lovibond colour 2Y. Processing had little effect on the fatty acid composition of the oil. Revue / Journal Title Rivista Italiana delle Sostanze Grasse ISSN 0035-6808 CODEN RISGAD Source / Source 1994, vol. 71, no8, pp. 425-428 (18 ref.) Editeur / Publisher Arti Grafiche Stephano Pinelli, Milano, ITALIE (1961) (Revue) Mots-clés anglais / English Keywords Palm oil ; Production process ; Refining ; Bleaching ; Chemical composition ; Color ; Performance evaluation ;
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Optimal Ordering Policies for Inventory System with Fixed Lifetime

Published at :Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences ,5(12) 3343-3348(2011)
This paper deals with the problem of computing optimal ordering policies for a single product with fixed lifetime of exactly m periods. We presents a proposed cost function for the inventory system with fixed lifetime. The necessary condition for a minimum was derived. Decisions regarding when to order or not is investigated under some conditions. Guidelines for managing a real fixed lifetime perishable inventory system are given.Key words: Inventory; Fixed Lifetime; Inventory position; Ordering policies.
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Osagiede A. A. Enagbonma . O and Iguodala W.a (2014)” Outsourcing Model in Manpower Organizations” Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Volume 28, No 1, Pp 485-492

In this paper we present an outsourcing model in manpower organization, In particular, the financial implication for outsourcing personnel was considered for the academic staff in a manpower organization. We gave a real life example; our results gave the total cost of financing outsourcing personnel in the organization.
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"attaining Gender Equality in Nigeria Through Constitutional Reform: the Kenya Experience", Women, Education & National Development in Africa by Federation of University Women of Africa. Pp. 97-109

Author(s): EDEKO, MARIA O. & IDEHEN, S.O. (2013)
Abstract The paper examines the purpose of the law in a democratic society which is to allocate the resources of the earth in an equitable manner. It also examines how well Nigeria has allocated its resources between the sexes. To do this, a conceptual definition of gender and equality was given. The paper gave a brief historical analysis of constitutions in Nigeria and observed that constitutions and processes in Nigeria have been gender insensitive. It noted that there is perpetuation of customary and religious practices which negatively affect systems in Nigeria. Furthermore, it noted that the operation of three legal international and regional treaties hampers the growth of women. There is also the problem of domestication of treaties after their ratification. The paper noted that though the constitution of Nigeria prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, discrimination abound in the country, e.g. tax laws, inheritance laws, property right of a woman in the matrimonial home, settlement of defilement of girls, under representation of women in political offices and decision making processes and the lack of a legal framework to back the affirmative action. Finally, the paper makes recommendations for constitutional reform towards attaining gender equality and equity, protection and promotion of the human rights of women in line with the Kenya Constitutional review.
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"conflict Management: Alternative Dispute Resolution Spectrum"

Author(s): OBOH, G.E (2008)
Published at :Owhona, A., Omotor, D. & Atubi, A. (eds.) Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution Vol.4 Readings in General Studies. Abraka: Publication of General Studies Department, Delta State University, pp. 67-77.
The study examines the concept of conflict and the different types of conflicts. The paper specifically focuses on intra/inter community crisis in the Nigerian rural communities, and explored the various conflict resolution mechanisms put in place by the government to address the conflicts arising the disagreements between the government and the people on one hand, and the conflicts within and among ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. The Instinctive-Stimulus Response Theory was used as an intellectual construct to explain why the government is usually not able to resolve most of the community crises using conventional conflict resolution techniques alone. The author therefore advises that the government should employ the alternative conflict resolution spectrum, comprising the Elders’ Council Forum, the Youth Forum and the Women Forum in the effort to find a lasting solution to the intermittent crisis that often characterized the peace and development of Nigerian rural communities.
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"data Analysis in Mass Communication and Media Research in Nigerian Universities"

Author(s): OBOH, G.E. (2013)
Published at : Okwilagwe, A. (ed.) Mass Media and Communication’s Development Roles in Nation Building in the 21st Century. Ibadan: Stirling-Horden Publishers Limited
This work examines the role of the data analysis in research activities. The author explains the different types of research methods that researchers use in the field of social sciences with particular reference to mass communication. The study supports the motion that survey is the most appropriate research method to investigate issues, events or phenomena where there is no existing documentary evidence, because survey provides the basis for a researcher to generate primary data upon which he or she evaluates the research hypotheses/research questions generated from the target population for the study. The different types of sampling techniques were discussed, and the circumstances under which a researcher can employ them. The study reviews how to analyse data based on the unit of analysis for the study and the nature of the variables under investigation. The doubts surrounding the validity of the research findings derived using qualitative research method was cleared by explaining the criteria appropriate for evaluating the reliability of research instruments and the validity of research findings when a researcher is dealing with value-based variables under qualitative research.
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"examination of Legal Regimes and Institutional Frameworks for Oil Pollution Management in Nigeria. Vol, No. 1. Pp. 114- 139.

Author(s): IDEHEN, S.O. (2013)
Abstract Oil pollution in Nigeria is a sensitive issue that has not only threatened both human health but also the God given fauna and flora as well as the environment. Despite the plethora of legislations that have been put in place, there appears to be a poor implementation of laws with respect to oil pollution. This paper examined the various legal regimes to attempt to find out why these regimes have not been effective and proffered suggestions on ways and means of enhancing an effective implementation of these laws.
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