University’s Response To Social Media Reports

May 28, 2015

The reports on social media (emanating from a particular blogger) about an alleged “riot” on the campus of Benson Idahosa University have been largely exaggerated.  The report was neither verified with nor confirmed by the University before it was published.  As a result, a majority of the unverified article was untrue and defamed the reputation of an institution that consistently works to create a better Nigeria.  Benson Idahosa University has some of Nigeria’s best and brightest students who believe in and have exemplified a commitment to academic excellence with godliness, and our core values of integrity and accountability, and ownership mentality.  The actions of the few in this case, do not reflect the attitude of the great Benson Idahosa University students.

We greatly sympathize and empathize with the family of one of our beloved students (his name is being withheld on official university publications until the University is authorized by his family to release it) at his untimely demise due to complications arising from an undisclosed pre-existing existing medical condition.  Members of the University management, from the proprietors to the Vice Chancellor and principal officers have met with the student’s immediate family to pray for and console them during this difficult time.  As a show of support, Benson Idahosa University has also offered to assist the family of the student with as much help as we can, in any areas that we can.  We continue to stand by the family.

At this time, the University cannot verify the allegations of negligence on the part of the independent health management organization that was retained to provide doctors and nurses for the health care of our students.  However, we are thoroughly investigating the matter and are fully cooperating with the relevant medical authorities, including the NMA, so as to ensure that this matter is thoroughly investigated.  We want to ensure that the medical team provided the utmost medical and professional care in this case, and at all times.

Our students continue to remain our highest priority and we hold their safety, health, and well being in the highest regard.  To that end, after the unfortunate minor incident, the University within 12 hours provided an alternative temporary infirmary to care for the medical needs of students going forward.  The main infirmary will be restored within 7 days.

Benson Idahosa University is committed to ensuring that our University maintains the highest standards in education and overall experience for all of our students.  However, vandalization of University property by a few students endangers the safety of all and should be avoided at all times.  We continually invite any aggrieved students to use the appropriate channels of the inaugurated “Student Management Interactive Forum” to direct their grievances, as we collectively work to protect and promote the safety and well being of all students and staff.