Student Affairs Division

Dr. Michael D. Oisamoje
Ag. Dean (Student Affairs Division)

From the Office of the Dean

The Students’ Affairs Division is designed to attend to the welfare and general wellbeing of the students of Benson Idahosa University. The Student Affairs Division of the University is responsible to the Vice chancellor for the day to day administration of the student’s wellbeing both academically and socially. Also included in their assignment is the responsibility of enforcing the rules and regulations guiding students’ successful stay on campus. The Principal Officers of the Division are the Dean, Student Affairs and the Student Affairs Officer.


Our Vision is to support and promote the present and future well-being of students, making them become the world class Graduate in consonance with the Benson Idahosa University vision, mission and objectives.  The Students’ Affairs Division of Benson Idahosa University is poised to uphold the core values of the University and enhance students’ development and success through innovative programmes; supervision of the provision and delivery of services; as well as continued partnerships with other organs of the University.


Our Mission among other things seeks to provide a healthy learning environment for all categories of students, by building and having a special relationship with our student. This we do by looking into all aspects of their lives as we groom them into the respectable, disciplined, studious and well natured disciples for Christ ready to excel in their various professions and take up the world. We promote this by ensuring provision and delivery of all support services to serve the needs of the students.

Our concern in the department is to collaborate with Students, Faculty and Staff to create a welcoming, supportive and challenging environment that maximizes the opportunities for learning in order to achieve desired success.

Our Mission is to reinforce students’ discipline, which makes Benson Idahosa University significantly different from others by giving exemplary and visionary leadership to all Students.


The Division is saddled with the following duties and responsibilities.


The Students’ Affairs Division is responsible for the handling of all Bursary/Scholarship related matters, It acts as a liaison between the various State governments, companies, other organizations etc. and the students.


The Division is also responsible for the issuance of letters of identification, introduction and attestation to students in their dealings with external organizations and agencies.

It also provides letters of introduction/identification for students to the various State Scholarship Board.


The Student Affairs Division collaborates with the Co-coordinator, BIU International Office to organize the following for students;

(a)       Summer Abroad Studies

(b)       International Linkages

(c)        Holiday travels and tours


The Division is responsible for the effective mobilization of all graduates of the University for the NYSC programme.

All University graduates are mobilized all year round to participate in any of the 3 batches available for the National Youth Service Corps programme;


The Students’ Affairs Division is saddled with the responsibility to discipline students and regulate their conducts using the University’s Student Hand Book (Code of Conduct).

The Division is responsible for the keeping of the disciplinary records and statistics of the student, issuance of letters for all disciplinary matters amongst others.