Office of the Vice Chancellor

Prof. Ernest B. Izevbigie
Vice Chancellor

Welcome to Benson Idahosa University, a Private Christian university located in Benin City, Nigeria. Designated as one of the top-private universities in Nigeria, Benson Idahosa University continues to enhance the state, the nation and the world through its human development capacities. This is geared towards a comprehensive economic development program, training, and Research and Development initiatives. We value our alumni and friends, Church of God Mission International, our student entrepreneurs, inventors, and Leaders who help to make us great.

We have assembled some of the best students in the nation for training and mentoring by world-class staff using state-of-the-art classrooms. Beside air-conditioned classrooms, Benson Idahosa University also provides state-of-the-art laboratories to conduct cutting-edge research to reinforce materials presented in the classrooms.

We welcome and greatly accept the challenge and opportunity of producing quality leaders who are complete in body, mind and spirit to change Nigeria for the better.