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The Role of Sec in the Economic Development of Nigeria

Author(s): OGHUMA, R.I. & IYAMU, B.E. (2010)
A major engine of economic growth and development of any nation is its capital market. It impacts positively on the economy by providing financial resources through its intermediation process for the financing of long term projects. It is generally believed that inadequate or absence of regulations is detrimental to the capital market as it encourages sharp practices by participants. Regulatory agencies are therefore necessary to police or monitor activities in the market, with the ultimate aim of preventing or minimising abuses which might mar market integrity, erode investors’ confidence, thereby thwarting development in the capital market and the general economy. This paper reviews the effectiveness of the regulatory role of the Nigerian Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in view of the recent AP’s share price manipulation saga. The paper recommends among other things that those involved in the AP’s share manipulation saga should be arraigned before the Investment and Securities Tribunal and concludes that, if SEC is to achieve its mission of protecting investors, maintaining fair, orderly and efficient markets, and facilitate capital information, it must live to its expected role and be proactive in its activities.
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The Rule of Law As a Panacea to Religious Crises in Contemporary Nigeria” in Adam K. Arap Chepkwony and Peter M. J. Hess (eds.), Human Views on God: Variety Not Monotony: Essaays in Honor of Ade P. Dopamu, (kenya: Moi University Press, 2010)233-240

The Article chronicles the religious crises in contemporary Nigeria and the proposes strict adherence to rule of law as the panacea. The author argues that there are enough legislations to punish offenders and because no one has been brought to law, people are emboldened to indulge in causing religious mayhems.
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The Sages in Ecclesiastes on Ruler and Corruption: a Panacea for Corruption Among Nigeria Public Officers

The paper exposes the high level of corruption in Nigeria and its adverse effects on the economy and the image of Nigeria in the comity of Nations. He proposes the religious approach to the curbing of the virus by emphasizing that wisdom is needed to know that all material acquisitions are vanity of vanities as expressed in Ecclesiastes.
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The Sharia Question in Nigeria in a Historical Perspective: a Quest for Solution

The paper argues that the demand for the Sharia as the political law of Nigeria by Nigerian Muslims, has been a recalling issue. The author avers that just as the Muslims make this demand with passion, so do non- Muslims oppose the demand with vehemence. The author opines that this situation carries a problem which requires a solution and proposes that there should be a separation between political Sharia and spiritual Sharia. He suggests that for religious peace to reign the political Sharia should be de-emphasized while the spiritual Sharia should be emphasized as that applies only to Muslims and their private lives.
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The Spread of Islam in Nigeria

The Article shows how Islam spread in Nigeria through merchants, missionaries, saints and Sufis, Jihadists, political leaders and emigrants. The author argues that conversion to Islam should not be by force but by conviction as Islam has many attractions inherent in it which can attract converts naturally to it.
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The Susceptibility of Bacteria Isolates from Parts of the Body to Antibacterial Agents at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (ubth), Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Author(s): MORDI, R.M., BORKE M.E., ISAH A., HUGBO, P.G. AND IGELEKE, C.L. (2012)
Published at :Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Research 11 (1): 94 - 103.
Nigeria, like most developing countries of the world has a high degree of antibiotic resistance emanating from antibiotic selective pressure coupled with antibiotic abuse. This study aims to determine the resistance pattern of bacterial isolates from various parts of the body in a tertiary healthcare institution. he study which was prospective and cross-sectional lasted one year, during the period from June 2008 to May 209. Swabs and aspirates were obtained from patients who were seen at the various facilities int he hospital. Samples were cultured and incubated at 37oC both aerobically and anaerobically for 24 to 48 hours. The various media for culture were Chocolate, Blood and McConkey agars. Antibiotic susceptibility test was done on nutrients agar using the agar diffusion method of Bauer and Kirby. The bacteria isolates include Escherichia coli (10.6%), Klebsiella pneumoniae (10.6%), Pseudomonas aerugenosa (10.3%), Proteus vulgaris (3.0%) Proteus mirabilis (12.6%), Proteus rettgerri (0.6%), Morganella morganii (1.2%), Providencia stuartii (2.3%), Streptococcus pyogenes (0.3%), Alkaligenes faecalis (3.0%). All the isolates were susceptible to the quinolones and the Cefuroxime except Pseudomonas aeruginosa and S.pyogenes. The later showed some sensitivity to amoxicillin, erythoromycin and amocillin/clavulanate while other isolates were strongly resistant to chloxacillin, tetracycline, cotrimoxazole and chlorampenicol. E.coli, P, mirabilis and Morgenalla morgani were susceptible to gentamycin while other isolates were resistant to it.
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The Use of Heavy Metals Load As an Indicator of the Suitability of the Water and Fish of Ibiekuma Stream for Domestic and Consumption Purposes . African Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 7 (23): 4345 - 4348

Author(s): OBASOHAN, E. E. (2008)
The levels of Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb and Zn in the water and fish from Ibiekuma Stream, Ekpoma, Nigeria were determined at two locations (Upstream and Downstream) in order to ascertain their suitability for consumption and other domestic uses. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer was used to measure the metal levels. Seasonal (dry and wet seasons) levels were also determined. The results showed Zn mean levels were highest with 1.12±0.51 mg/l in water and 45.5 ± 7.46 mg/kg in fish. Minimum levels were 0.05 ± 0.002 mg/l (Cd and Pb) in water and 0.70 ± 0.22 mg/kg (Cd) in fish. Pb was not detected in fish. Spatially, upstream location levels were generally higher than downstream levels for all the metals in both water and fish. Dry season levels were also generally higher for all samples and at both locations. The consumption of the fishes of the stream requires stringent precautionary measures because of the high levels of Cr and Cu which exceeded limits in food fish and could therefore pose some health risks. It was also observed that all metal levels in water were within drinking water limits and global background levels for surface fresh water. The implication of these findings is that the water of the stream could be used for drinking and other domestic purposes.
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The Use of Instructional Materials in the Teaching of Agricultural Science in Secondary Schools in Ikpoba- Okha Local Government Area of Edo State .

Author(s): HEPHZIBAH - AWULOR, B.N. (2014)
The purpose of this paper is to analyze and ascertain the invaluable use of instructional materials in the teaching of agricultural science in secondary school. In dealing with the topic, the researchers focused their investigation on the following, the concept of agricultural science, the objectives of teaching agricultural science in secondary school and the factors that influence students attitudes to the study of agricultural science, which was observed from the following points: to become self-reliant, to establish an agricultural industry that will produce, process, preserve, package and deliver agricultural produce for national food security, to acquire agricultural knowledge to boost further learning and to gain manipulative skills in the construction, operation and maintenance of agricultural implements. The instruments used for this research work was the use of constructed questionnaires with three questions. Three research questions were postulated. From the results obtained, it is recommended that: the ministry of education should provide instructional materials to secondary schools as well as set up supervisory team to monitor effective implementing of the materials and that schools proprietors and principals should encourage their teachers to always teach every topic with instructional materials.
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The Visa to the Kindgom of God

Author(s): REV STELLA OGE EKEOBA (2006)
Christ had fulfilled the law of sin and death and rose from the dead for man’s justification. This is the first arm of the redemption programme. Salvation is the second arm of the Redemption Package. This work explains, in great details the four main movements of the order of salvation ( Ordo salutis) Care to know?
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Thematic Analysis of Income Statement

Published at :Middle Eastern Finance and Economics issue
This study focuses on finding out the reasons why some companies which report profit may lack cash for distribution. Ten (10) companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) formed the subject of the study using their financial statements. Specifically the profit and loss account (P&L) was used as the unit of analysis. Document /content analysis was adopted. Each item in the P&L account was thematically studied to find out what is responsible for cashless profit reported by companies. Credit transactions (credit sales and credit purchases) were found to explain the reason for cashless profit. This finding also lead to a proposed Two Column Profit and Loss Account (TCPLA) that will be more transparent and reliable to users.
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Theocracy or Democracy: Which Way for Nigeria in the 21st Century

The paper discuses the various forms of Government, especially Theocracy and Democracy and recommend Democracy in the 21st century.
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Total Quality Management in Academics

Published at :Benson Idahosa University
Abstract This paper presents a study on the Total Quality Management (TQM), which can be summed up as: Do the Right Things, Right the First Time, Every Time, and how it can be applied in academics. TQM is a generic tool applicable in all organizations, including academic institutions. This is contrary to the belief of conventional wisdom of its applicability and workability only in the operations of manufacturing organizations which for a long time has been accepted without much questioning. Findings in this study have negated the conventional wisdom and support the position that the TQM is workable and applicable in the academic institution environments. This, therefore, provides a basis for enriching our universities and their deliverables to parents and students. Keywords: Total Quality Management, academics institutions, manufacturing organizations.
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Toward Improving the Teaching and Learning of Primary Mathematics in the New Millennium.”

Author(s): ERAIKHUEMEN, I. B. & ERAIKHUEMEN, L. (2002)
Published at :Benin Journal of Educational Studies. 15 (1) 95 – 101.
Abstract The study is designed to investigate the proportion of primary school teachers who need further training to enhance their knowledge of mathematics as well as their ability to effectively teach mathematics. The study also attempted an investigation of the rating by teacher of pupil’s performance in mathematics. Three hypotheses were formulated to direct the study. The sample of the study consisted of 383 classroom 35 head teachers drawn from 20 randomly selected public primary schools and 15 randomly selected private primary schools in three local government areas of Edo state. Two research instrui9/mend were used. A teachers’ questionnaire and a structured interview designed for primary school heads. Data collected were analyzed using the z-test of proportion. Analysis of data revealed among others that majority of primary school teachers do not possess adequate knowledge of mathematics nor adequate pedagogical knowledge. Based on the findings, it was recommended among others that workshops and refresher courses should be organized for primary school teachers periodically to acquaint them with current instructional strategies. It was also recommended that only mathematics specialist should be allowed to teach the subject.
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Towards a Grammar of the Ivie Folktale: Oyakhire

Author(s): RICHARD A. MASAGBOR (1960)
The Ivie folktale lends itself to some of the classic models of basic analysis as that of the russain writers of the Morphology of the Folktale, Vladimir Propp, Who divides the tale into story and the discourse. Thus it has both integrationla and distributional components that ensure the concatenations well as the transformations in the tale
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Towards National Unity: Counselling for Conflict Resolution.

Author(s): ODUH, W.A & IYEKE, P.O. (2002)
Published at :The Counsellor
The study explored the attitude of Nigerians to conflict resolution. It is a descriptive study utilizing the survey method of investigation. A ten- item questionnaire was developed and administered on a sample of 131 subjects. Two research questions were answered and one null hypothesis was tested. The results of the study revealed that Nigerians are willing to apply the integrative approach to conflict resolution. The study also revealed that there is no significant difference in the attitude of Nigerians, male and female, to win- win approach to conflict resolution. Finally, the study identified some implications for counselors working to resolve conflicts.
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Toxicity Evaluation of the Liver and in Vitro Metabolism in Wistar Rat on Exposure to N-nitrosamine Precursors

Published at :British Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology
The aim of this study is to evaluate liver toxicity on exposure to n-nitrosamine precursors as well as the effect of ultraviolet light on n-nitrosamines and its precursors. Toxicological evaluation of the liver following single dose treatment of wistar rat with 8.2125 mg NaNO2/adult rat and in rats given a combined dose of 50 mgDMA-HCl and 8.2125 mg NaNO2 /adult rat showed a steady elevation of the liver function enzymes. Histopathological analysis of the liver showed hepatic necrosis in the chemical induced rats. Following UV exposure after in vitro incubation of rat liver microsomal plus soluble fraction with NaNO2 and NaNO2 plus DMA-HCl, nitrite concentration in the NaNO2 incubation medium was 19.5 and 2.2 :g/mL before and after UV exposure respectively while the nitrite concentration in the NaNO2 plus DMA-HCl incubation medium was 23.5 and 2.5 :g/mL, respectively. Nitrite loss was significant (p<0.05) between before and after UV exposure in all groups. UV exposure, thus degraded the nitrosamine precursors, nitrite and DMA-HCl, thereby inhibiting possible nitrosation. The high values of the activities of serum transaminases (AST and ALT), alkaline phosphatases (ALP) and g
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Toxicological Profile of Chlorophenols and Their Derivatives in the Environment: the Public Health Perspective;

Published at :The Scientific World Journal, Article ID 460215, 11 pages http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2013/460215
Chlorophenol compounds and their derivatives are ubiquitous contaminants in the environment. These compounds are used as intermediates in manufacturing agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biocides, and dyes. Chlorophenols gets into the environment from a variety of sources such as industrial waste, pesticides, and insecticides, or by degradation of complex chlorinated hydrocarbons. Thermal and chemical degradation of chlorophenols leads to the formation of harmful substances which constitute public health problems. These compounds may cause histopathological alterations, genotoxicity, mutagenicity, and carcinogenicity amongst other abnormalities in humans and animals. Furthermore, the recalcitrant nature of chlorophenolic compounds to degradation constitutes an environmental nuisance, and a good understanding of the fate and transport of these compounds and their derivatives is needed for a clearer view of the associated risks and mechanisms of pathogenicity to humans and animals. This review looks at chlorophenols and their derivatives, explores current research on their effects on public health, and proffers measures for mitigation.
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Trade Flows and Exchange Rate Shocks in Nigeria: an Empirical Result

Author(s): DAVID UMORU & ADAOBI S. OSEME (2013)
Published at :Asian Economic and Financial Review, 3(7):948-977
In this paper, we explored the J-curve effect based on Nigerian data by adopting the vector error correction methodology. The results of the study indicated a cyclical feedback between the trade balance and the real exchange rate depreciation of the Naira. However, the analysis finds no empirical evidence in favour of the short-run deterioration of the trade balance as implied by the J-curve hypothesis. Rather, what is empirically supported is the cyclical trade effect of exchange rate shocks. As it were, a real exchange rate shock will initially improve then worsen and then improve the country’s aggregate trade balance. The instant improvement in the trade balance which is correlated with real depreciation provides no support for the J-curve hypothesis in the Nigerian trade balance. Hence, the short-run predictions of the J-curve are not observable in Nigeria.
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Traditional Communication and Modern Information Delivery System in Nigeria

Author(s): OBOH, G.E (2005)
Published at :Pan-African Social Science Review, 7 (8) pp.93-101, Department of Sociology, University of Port-Harcourt (ISSN: 8755-7436
This study examined the importance of the Traditional Communication methods in the context of modern information delivery system. The different types of modes and media that are use in the rural areas were discussed. Historical findings, however, revealed that African Communication System is basically expressed through interpersonal communication which, indeed, is the platform for the Two-Step Flow Theory. In fact, most rural dwellers who do not have direct access to media message acquire information on government policies and programmes through their opinion leaders (Two-Step Flow Theory). We therefore, recommend that in order to effectively integrate the rural population into the mainstream of the society, the Traditional modes and media of communication in Nigeria should be used along side the modern media facilities while disseminating messages on government policies in the rural areas.
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Traffic Delay Estimation for 3g Mobile Ip Services

Published at :World Journal of Applied Science and Technology, Vol.4. No 2 (2012). 158-166
ABSTRACT: An important Quality of Service (QoS) factor for wireless network planning is traffic delay. In any telecommunication system, traffic predicts the network capacity, and demands efficient resource (e.g., bandwidth) management as a requirement to convey the expected traffic load. In this paper, we propose a queuing model and resource allocation strategy that evaluates the network throughput (for users) performance. The proposed model is capable of giving a true picture of packet losses and unexpected delays in the event of climate change. One of the effects of climate change considered in this paper is fading. Fading, can notoriously hamper the network, and could cause noticeable delays during communication, thus presenting annoying side effects such as cross talking, voice echoing, not reachable terminals and dropped calls. We evaluate the performance of the proposed model by studying the blocking and delay properties of an existing third generation (3G) cellular system and simulate the model in practice. Simulation results show that the obtained delay is below the third generation partnership project (3GPP) standard specification, and can be used by network operators to minimize traffic delays in data and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services.
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Triacylglycerols of Palm Oil

Author(s): F.O.J. OBOH (2004)
Published at :Benin Science Digest
Abstract Fatty acid composition and distribution in triacylglycerols of palm oil have been studied. Palmitic acid (40%) and oleic acid (36.7%) were the major fatty acids in the triacylglycerols (TAGs). Linoleic acid (7.1%), stearic (5.1%), myristic (1.8%) and lauric (0.3%) were the other fatty acids present. Palmitic and stearic acids were preferentially esterified at the combined 1, 3 – positions, while lauric, myristic, oleic, and linoleic exhibited a preference for the 2- position. Palm oil TAGs consisted of three major types: trisaturated, SSS (mainly PPP), 10.1%; disaturated, SUS (mainly POP and PLP), 46.7%; and monounsaturated SUU (predominantly POO), 30.7%. The fatty acid distribution and TAG composition of palm oil, and their implication for its oxidative stability, phase behavior in food systems, and metabolism in organisms are discussed. Key words: Palm oil triacylglycerols, intramolecular fatty acid distribution, composition, polymorphism, oxidative stability, metabolism.
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Two-particle Correlations in the One-dimensional Extended Hubbard Model: a Ground-state Perturbative Solution

Published at :African journal of physics
we present here a detailed study of the behaviour of 2 electrons in an infinite one-dimensional lattice of the extended hubbard model, using perturbation method. it is shown that for two electrons the results obtained gets better as the positive on site coulomb interaction (U) the nearest-neighbour interaction (V) and number of sites N are increased, provided both the ratio (U/N) and (V/U) are made small. In other words the crucial parameter is not just U, but the ratio of the interaction strength to the number of sites.
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Uniben Lecturers/students Attitude Towards Slangy Expressions

Author(s): AKHABUE E. E. AND IGHARHA J. (2012)
Published at :National Association of Women Academics (NAWACS)
Abstract The concept of attitude is inextricably linked to individual/societal beliefs and predispositions towards phenomenon. Attitude is what determines what is perceived to be more favourable within particular contexts. This paper attempts to critically examine attitudes towards slang usage in the University of Benin. It gives an insight to the definition, features, and reasons for the use of slang. The paper concludes by highlighting lecturer’s and student’s dispositions towards the use of slangy expressions.
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University Education and Economic Reliance” Journal of Academics, Published by Association of Nigerian Academics (ana), University of Benin, Benin City. Vol. 1, No. 2, Pp. 81-85.

Author(s): OMOREGIE, N. O. (2006)
In every developed nation, education has been the engine for the growth and economic development. The teachings, researches and community services of the universities have tremendous role to play in national development. The economy heavily depends on university education for its sustainability especially in development of high level manpower, new discoveries through researches and dissemination of existing information, inculcation of proper value-orientation for the survival of the individual and society, and rendering of services to the community. The paper examines university education and economic reliance. The aim is to analyze how the nation’s economic development depends on the above major functions of university education. Recommendations include proper funding of university education including adequate money for researches, encouraging strong linkages between the universities and the local industries and monitoring community services programmes of all the universities.
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Urban Area Path Loss Propagation Prediction and Optimisation Using Hata Model at 800mhz

Published at :IOSR Journal of Applied Physics (IOSR-JAP),Volume 3, Issue 4 (Mar. - Apr. 2013), PP 08-18
Abstract: This paper describes how Okumura Hata’s model is chosen and optimized for urban outdoor coverage in the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) system operating in 800MHz UHF frequency band, South-south Nigeria. This optimized path loss model is based on the empirical measurements collected in the CDMA network focusing on the city centre of Benin, Edo state. It is developed by comparing the calculated path loss from collected measurements with the well-known path loss models within applicable frequency range of CDMA system, such as Hata, SUI, Lee, and Egli’s Model. The Hata model was chosen as a reference for this optimized path loss model development based on the closest path loss exponent and smallest mean error as compared to the measured path loss. This optimized Hata model is implemented in the path loss calculation during the validation process. Thus, this optimized model is successfully improved and would be more reliable to be applied in the Nigeria CDMA system for urban path loss calculation in the 800MHz frequency band.
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