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“environmental Impact Assessment As Key to Sustainable Development in Nigeria: a Reappraisal, Biu Law Journal, Vol.1 No. 1 Pp. 120-146

Author(s): IDEHEN, O.STELLA (2011)
Abstract Environmental Impact Assessment has over the years been recognized universally as a tool for sustainable development. This is done with the aim of preserving the environment from wanton degradation which is presently ravaging the earth with its attendant consequences of global warming, flooding, earthquakes, etc. Nigeria in this vein has embraced the Environmental Impact Assessment concept. This paper examined how effective the concept has been used by Government to achieve sustainable development; considered the constraints faced in using the concept in arriving at such goal and made recommendations that could be employed in bringing about sustainable development in Nigeria.
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“equal Opportunities: Progress for All,(2011) No. 1, Igbinedion University Journal of Jurisprudence and Public Law, Pp. 281-299.

Author(s): IDEHEN, O. STELLA (2010)
Abstract Over the years, there have been several calls for equal rights and equal opportunities to be made available to all irrespective of gender, sex or creed. This has been the subject of debate in both international and local forums. This call has been made all over the world with the aim of demanding for an increased participation of people in all sectors of the society. The focus of this paper is to examine the rights of citizens of Nigeria with special focus on Edo State, the steps that have been taken thus so far to ensure equality of such rights and opportunities accruing thereto and subsequently proffer suggestions that would help to eliminate obstacles to such rights and opportunities to ensure progress for all.
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“estimation of the Production of a Solar Still”.

Author(s): E.O. OSAFILE AND O.D. OJUH. (2013)
Published at :The International Journal Of Engineering And Science (IJES) ||Volume||2 ||Issue|| 5 ||Pages|| 76-80||2013|| ISSN(e): 2319 – 1813 ISSN(p): 2319 – 1805 www.theijes.com
ABSTRACT A set of operating parameters of a solar still such as outer glass temperature To, inner glass temperature Tg, ambience temperature Ta and water temperature Tw can be regarded as signals. The transfer function of the solar still can then be obtained using Discrete Fourier transform. The performance of the still is estimated by convolution of another set of operating conditions. The result gives a good prediction as compared with the measured value for day 1 and day 2. KEY WORDS; Solar still, Discrete Fourier transform, Operating Parameters
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“freedom of Information Act: an Effective Tool for the Media” – Nasarawa State University, Department of Civil Law in the Publication of Law Commentaries: a Journal of Contemporary Law Issues, Vol 5 Pp117-128

Author(s): M. M. GIDADO & IDEHEN, O. STELLA (2012)
Introduction The Freedom of Information Act (FOI Act) has been seen as a welcome development towards creating an avenue for the freedom of expression as provided for in the 1999 Constitution as amended. The media popularly referred to as the fourth estate of the realm occupies an enviable position as a result of the unique position given her by the Constitution. This role in the past had been quite herculean for the media and this has been so as a result of several laws like the Official Secret Act (OS Act), Criminal Code (CC) and assessing vital information relating to the government for the purposes of enlightening the public as well as holding government accountable to the people. This article seeks to examine the FOI alongside the OS Act with a view of fining out if and how the FOI Act can be utilized to ensure that accurate information concerning public documents can easily be accessed and made available to the public by the media.
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“henderson V. Merrett Syndicates Ltd: an Evaluation in the Context of Concurrent Remedies in Tort and Contract.” (2010) Ubjppl, Vol. 1, No. 1, Pp. 167-181.

Author(s): (I) OKWEZUZU, G. E. (2010)
This paper evaluates Henderson v. Merrett Syndicates Ltd, a case that is structured under contract and tort law, in the context of concurrent remedies. It examines the different approaches to concurrent remedies in various jurisdictions from the perspective of Lord Goff of Chieveley who delivered the lead judgment in Henderson v. Merrett Syndicates Ltd. These jurisdictions include France, England, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, United States of America, and Samoa (though Samoa was not among the jurisdictions reviewed by Lord Goff in Henderson v. Merrett Syndicates Ltd). The paper further dwells on the significance of the principle of concurrent remedies as regards affording aggrieved individuals seeking relief to have several options of remedies to freely choose from in order to get the best that is available in law. The paper has also looked into the persisting problems that relate to concurrent remedies and has made recommendations as to how to address them. It generally recommends the concurrent remedies approach as it affords better room for the achievement of justice.
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“higher Order Forms of Some Hybrid Univariate Kernels and Their Efficiencies”.

Author(s): OSEMWENKHAE, J. E. & ERAIKHUEMEN I. B. (2011)
Published at :Journal of Mathematical Sciences, International Centre for Advance Studies, India.
Abstract This work focuses on the higher order forms of some hybrid kernels. The higher order hybrid kernels of powers 4, 5, and 6 will evolved from the higher-order kernels of power 2, 3, 4 and 5. Some kernels of the same family efficiency keep on reducing with higher power: such are the classical and higher –order kernels. The hybrid kernels and the higher order hybrid kernels are kernels that will take care of this problem.
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“human Rights Perspective to Environmental Challenges: Emerging Trends.” (2011) East Afr. J. Peace Hum. Rights. Vol. 17, No. 2, Pp. 515-531.

Author(s): OKWEZUZU, G. E. (2011)
Looking into the concept of and the three generations of human rights, the paper traces the international recognition of human rights from the early nineteenth century to the contemporary period. It specifically examines the recent development with regard to the explicit linkage between climate change and human rights since December 2005 when an alliance of the Inuit from Canada and the United States presented a petition before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. This culminated in the adoption of Resolution 10/4 on human rights and climate change by the U.N. Human Rights Council on March 25, 2009. The paper concludes that it will be effective to tackle climate change and environmental degradation through recognition of environmental rights as human rights. It further recommends negotiation of an elaborate treaty on environmental rights by the United Nations (UN), establishment of an international environmental court and setting up an environmental trust fund.
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“interaction Effects of Product Lifetime and Shortage Cost on the Proposed Fixed Lifetime Inventory Model”.

Author(s): ENAGBONMA O. & ERAIKHUEMEN I.B. (2010)
Published at :South East Asian Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences. Pakistan 8. (3).11-23.
Abstract This paper presents a proposed cost model for the inventory system with fixed lifetime. We were particularly interested in the interaction effects of “product lifetime and shortage cost on the proposed fixed lifetime inventory model”. The result observed agree with what one would expect.
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“long-tail Probability Generating Function”.

Author(s): EGUASA O. & ERAIKHUEMEN I. B. (2013)
Published at :Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, vol. 23. 599-608.
Abstract In this paper, we proposed the use of long-tail probabilities P(x ? j) =t and p(x>j)=q Which depend on the probability p(x=j)=p to the respect sum of t and q as n when j=0(1)(n-1).Generally as j=0(1) n, the sum will be (n+1).
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“mathematics Model of Application of Matrices in the Solution of Differential Equation”

Author(s): ERAIKHUEMEN, I.B. & ENAGBONMA O. (2004)
Published at :B.I.U. Journal of Social and Management Sciences.2,(2). 245 – 257.
Abstract In this paper, an attempt is made to model matrices in the problem of differential equation. Two models were considered. The differential equation model and the state variable model were found to be acceptable. An application of the model is also given.
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“nigerian Despot Died Unmourned,” International Bulletin of Political Psychology (update) Vol. 5, No.2, July 10, 1999, (http://www.pr.erau.edu/~security) Pp. 1-7. [written Under My Pen Name ‘wazobia’].

Author(s): ELONE J. O. NWABUZOR (1999)
This article on the psychology, reign and death of Sani Abacha, the former Nigerian dictator, was written by a long-time observer of political events in Nigeria. It was submitted and edited only several days before the tragic death of M.K.O. Abiola (July 7, 1998) threw the immediate future of Nigeria in chaos. The author prefers that no other identifying information be provided save for the pseudonym Wazobia Azizi
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“nigeria’s Vision 20:2020: Legal & Economic Road Map to Achieving Success” Law Commentaries Faculty of Law. Pp.28-46

Author(s): IDEHEN, O. STELLA (2013)
Abstract Nigeria is a nation endowed with natural resources and manpower that can enable it achieve a position among the top 20 economics in the world and compete favourable with other nations if its resources are properly harnessed. Over the past decade, various programmes have been drawn up by successive governments to achieve this feat, all to no avail. The main focus of this article is to examine why past programmes have failed in bringing the desired results while bearing in mind the present programme of Vision: 2020. Recommendations would be preferred with the hope that if implemented, they would help Nigeria achieve her dream of becoming one of the top twenty economies.
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“oil Spillage in the Niger Delta Region: a Complex Instance of Gross Environmental Injustice.” (2012) East Afr. J. Peace Hum. Rights. Vol. 18, No. 2, Pp. 437-453.

Author(s): OKWEZUZU, GAIUS E. (2012)
This article attempts a portrayal of the extremely atrocious and monstrous environmental tragedy that has bedeviled the Nigerian Niger Delta as a result of oil pollution. It also carries out an exploration of different legal mechanisms, namely, the traditional common law approach employed in the Nigerian courts, the Alien Tort Statute in the United States, and the recent open-door for redress in the British High Court which various individuals, groups, and communities have employed to secure environmental protection in the Niger Delta with a view to ascertaining their effectiveness or otherwise in providing the desired environmental protection. It observes that the traditional common law torts of nuisance, negligence, trespass, and strict liability in the protection of the environment are largely ineffective as their application is fraught with inherent and diverse problems while the decision in Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum appears to have rendered ineffective the Alien Tort Statute in the United States. However, with the recent Ogoni award granted by a High Court in London, there appears to be an open-door for redress in the British High Court. Finally, bearing in mind the magnitude of oil spillage and the deadly effects, it is submitted that environmental degradation in the Niger Delta amounts to genocide in disguise and therefore calls for UN unilateral intervention. In this regard, it recommends that UNEP should be mandated to carry out an independent assessment of the Niger Delta and proffer measures that would be binding on culpable parties.
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“optimal Ordering Policies for Inventory System with Fixed Lifetime”.

Author(s): ENAGBONMA. O & ERAIKHUEMEN I.B. (2010)
Published at :Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences.5. (12). 3343 – 3348.
Abstract The paper deals with the problem of computing optimal ordering policies for a single product with fixed lifetime or exactly m period. The necessary conditions for a minimum was derived. Decisions regarding when to order or not is investigated under some conditions. Guidelines for managing a real fixed lifetime perishable inventory system are given.
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“ozone Layer Depletion and the Response of the Global Community.” (2012) the Journal of Jurisprudence and Contemporary Issues, Vol. 7, No. 1, Pp. 188-194.

Author(s): OKWEZUZU, G. E. (2012)
The article examines the global environmental challenge of the ozone layer depletion which is capable of threatening the continued existence of the global community if no commensurate measures are put in place in order to address the global threat. It looks into the response of the international community through the creation of two treaties – the 1988 Vienna Convention for Protection of the Ozone Layer and the 1992 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. It observes that while the international community has responded to the challenge posed by the depletion of the ozone layer by creating these two treaties, the expected progress is not being made as the plan in place for ozone depleting gases to be phased out by 2005 in industrialized States and by 2015 in developing nations appears to be a far cry from being realized. It suggests that more concerted efforts in this regard should be made by creating a more binding treaty and also establishing an effective monitoring body to ensure compliance by State parties with obligations entrenched in treaties already in existence.
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“practice and Problems of Continuous Assessment in Nigeria Primary Schools Mathematics”.

Author(s): ERAIKHUEMEN, L. & ERAIKHUEMEN, I. B. (2006)
Published at :Journal of curriculum studies. 13. (2). 109 – 118.
Abstract This study is designed to investigate the practice and problems of mathematics assessment in Nigerian primary schools. The sample of the study consisted of three hundred (300) primary school mathematics teacher randomly selected from thirty six (36) primary schools in Edo state of Nigeria. The study adopted the survey research design. Six research questions were raised to direct the study. The research instrument is a questionnaire titled: “mathematics assessment in primary schools: teachers’ questionnaire”. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The result showed that:76% of serving primary school teachers did not specialized in mathematics, continuous testing is the mode of mathematics assessment in primary school and the assessment process is besieged with problems that are pupils, parents, teachers and government related. Based on the finding of this study, it is recommended among others that primary school mathematics teaching should be restricted to only speediest mathematics teachers and adequate fund and facilities should provide for successful conduct of assessment in primary schools.
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“the Application of Progressive Realization Principle in Ensuring Global Environmental Protection in the 21st Century.” (2011) Biu Law Journal, Vol. 1, No. 1, Pp. 286-305.

Author(s): OKWEZUZU, G. E. (2011)
This paper examines global environmental concerns in the 21st century and the response of the international community focusing on securing environmental protection with a view to ascertaining the applicability of the progressive realization principle. It dwells on myriads of daunting environmental challenges in the 21st century which are capable of threatening the continued existence of the global community if no commensurate measures are put in place locally and internationally. These challenges include climate change, global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, loss of biodiversity, fresh water scarcity, deforestation and desertification. It posits that a surer and more effective way to tackle these environmental challenges is by recognition of environmental rights as human rights. It therefore recommends that a comprehensive international treaty on environmental rights should be negotiated. Also, confident of the strengths of a rights-based approach to environmental protection, an enforcement mechanism unique to environmental rights such as an international environmental court should be created. However, knowing that it is very costly to thoroughly and effectively combat environmental degradation, especially climate change and global warming, it further recommends that the principle of progressive realization should be applicable to environmental right and should therefore be provided for nationally and internationally where necessary.
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“the Application of Reverse Logistics Cost Model in the Management of Sachet Water”.

Author(s): ENAGBONMA O. & ERAIKHUEMEN I.B. (2006)
Published at :Benson Idahosa University journal of social & management sciences. 4. (1 & 2). 29-52.
Abstract The effects of used sachet water is of great problem today. This, we examine with the application of reverse logistic as a model.The collection process and the appropriating of the cost of collection are considered. A model for the profit realization from remanufacturing returned of the pure water sachet in a given period of time is proposed.
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“the Dynamics of Sis Epidemic Model with Emphasis on Deterministic Approach”.

Author(s): EGUASA O. & ERAIKHUEMEN I. B. (2013)
Published at :Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics, vol. 23. 165-170.
Abstract The rate of spread of sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia in the third world countries. Hence, in this paper, we present SIS epidemic model using deterministic approach in a closed population. It was shown that the dynamics of the model are determined by the basic reproduction ratio (with brief biological interpretation). It was also shown that the asymptotic dynamics of the model are well determined for a disease free equilibrium and for an endemic equilibrium.
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“the Efficiency of Higher Order Derivative in Kernel Density Estimation”.

Author(s): ERAIKHUEMEN, I.B. (2006)
Published at :Journal of research in physical sciences. 2. (3). 69 – 73.
Abstract The work is concerned with density estimation, which deals with the construction of an estimate of the function from observed data. We obtained kernel method for the unwarranted data, under which we discuss the measure of discrepancy bias, variance the optimal window width of various higher derivative and their corresponding risk function (MISE). The efficiency of different kernels in respect of various higher derivatives of the window width were also compared with the popular epannechnikor kernel. The table of this efficiency presented.
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“the Legal and Socio-political Implication of Kidnapping in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria” Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Journal, Issue 1, Franklin Published Company, Arlington, Texas, Usa Pp. 93-102.

Author(s): IDEHEN,O. STELLA (2012)
Abstract This work examined the socio-political issues that has allowed kidnapping thrive in Nigeria in the Niger-Delta region as well as examine the legal framework that are in place and if such framework has been effective in stemming the evil of kidnapping. Suggestions would be proffered that would curb the current rise of kidnapping in the nation.
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“the Position of the United Nations Secretary-general: a Review” in M. O. U. Gasiokwu (ed.) Law, Politics and Diplomacy in Contemporary Nigeria. (enugu: Chenglo Ltd, 2010) Pp. 509-531.

Author(s): OKWEZUZU, G. E. (2010)
This paper examines the appointment process of the UN Secretary-General, qualifications and skills a UN Secretary-General should have, the role and duty of the UN Secretary-General including his administrative functions, and executive functions which are his implied power of investigation, implied authority to act in the interests of international peace and security, and the Secretary-General’s mediation and good offices. The paper also dwells on certain efforts to mount undue pressure on various past Secretaries-General by different States as well as the futile attempt of the then Soviet Union to abolish the position of the Secretary-General. It further explores certain facts about the UN Secretary-General such as his salary, residence, and means of transport, also focusing on UN Secretaries-General from 1945 till date, 2006 selection of Kofi Annan’s successor, and finally, the privileges and immunities of the Secretary-General and other UN officials.
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•“cost Reduction Strategy for Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria: a Sythesis

Author(s): ABIKWI, M. I. AND OKAFOR, C. J (2013)
ABSTRACT In the wake of global recession, reducing costs in the educational sector especially the tertiary level is vital for survival of this level of education in Nigeria. The paper focused on the cost reduction in tertiary institutions that will equip them to thrive in an increasingly competitive world. Tertiary education in Nigeria takes 40% of the total allocation to education yet there is the constant cry of inadequate funding. In the light of this, Cost reduction becomes a priority, and tertiary institutions in Nigeria may need to cut many costs to restore its developmental strides. In tertiary institutions, cost is determined by cost of instruction, costs associated with sponsored research or special activities cost of student living and cost of foregone earnings. To reduce cost of running tertiary institutions therefore, the study suggests and recommends that NUC recommendation of one support staff to three academic staff; to reduce cost of personnel which takes about 80% of funds allocated to education should be adhered to. Tertiary institutions should be operated as paperless institutions. This is to reduce cost of stationeries and there should be an adequate accounting system to help managers of tertiary education to be conscious of material wastages in the Nigerian educational system.
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